January 2014

Image via Google Images
Image via Google Images

It has been a mixed start to the year, I have failed so far on daily blogging and on my diet, however I am doing really well on other aspects of my writing resolutions and personal ones.

I have submitted my first short story for consideration, I have two others in preparation for submission and Voices in moving forward again once .

While the diet has been hit and miss I am exercising more which I think for me is a bigger success than not eating as once I get fitter the food side will not be such a big deal.

I have updated the submissions section of the blog adding a link for a google spreadsheet rather than trying to organise the one I was using as it is cumbersome to do so.


I do need to get my backside into gear with my various WIPs and get the other submissions completed and Voices into the next round of editing likewise Queen of Ages, which I am almost tempted to go straight for self publishing with but we will see.

My word total for this month was 16,818

My word total for the year so far   16,818

Let me know your thoughts.......

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