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Author envy?

It’s a well known fact in any career there will always be others who do better than you. Even our new monarch will will be judged against his mum and probably found lacking

I have seen instances in the book world where authors clash, pull each other down sometimes over things that seems totally crazy. Personally I have never met or befriended anyone who has been anything less than supportive and whom I have only ever wished success for.

So today when I got to work this put a huge smile on my face.

I can’t remember exactly how I became friends with Sue it was before she got her publishing contract. I am so thrilled everytime I see one of her books for sale, because the dream is always there. If it can happen for a friend it can happen for you!

Do I get envious when I see a friends book on the supermarket shelves? Yes, a little but it is nothing to the pride I feel being able to say ‘hey my friend wrote this’. It is a push to work harder and focus on my own writing, to know that they didn’t get there by luck it was hard work and I can do it too.

So to my author friends I wish you every success and still hope one day you will be picking one of my books up along with your weekly shop.

I took the photo direct in the app and can’t work out how to flip it lol

2 thoughts on “Author envy?

  1. This is a lovely post. And yes, I look at it as there is always someone higher up the rung than you that appears to be doing well, but equally there is always someone lower down in their career, too.

    I’ve never met any who is spiky about it, thank goodness. But like you am happy to know they are doing well because they have worked hard to get where they are and they are usually a really good story teller.

    I gave read one of Sue’s book many years ago. But remember her when she had a column in one of the writing magazines.


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