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Vlog Time #54 – Two Weeks In One

Normal blogging/vlogging will be resumed on Monday I promise

8 thoughts on “Vlog Time #54 – Two Weeks In One

  1. I’m so sorry about the rejection. I know you had high hopes this time.It just means it isn’t what this one wants at this time, not that the work doesn’t have merit.
    The decorating looks great though you tired me out just telling me.I love the monster’s new bed even though it took over 5 hours hard work to erect.
    Try and have a good weekend and a fantastic week. I’ll send you some birthday cake.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


    1. You will laugh but I get really nervous with the idea of talking about myself and my writing so I saw a few other authors doing these to camera pieces once a week and decided that I would give it a go safe in the knowledge only a few people here would see them lol. It is still very much a learning curve but slowly I am feeling more comfortable, my son however loves being in them and will frequently pop in when he gets the chance, it is about building up confidence, and I am getting there slowly

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      1. I have a Sony DSC-H300 but I bought it primarily just as a normal camera when my other broke for under a hundred, I have invested in some proper lights recently but not actually tried using them yet and will be honest they are not really expensive ones cost £80 for two lights and a backdrop set up with three back cloths, most of the time I do use a tripod and try to do it in one take (am lazy lol but it also stops me having to review too much otherwise would cut everything). The hardest bit is actually pressing the publish button and trusting others opinions over your own, bit like having faith in your own writing lol


      2. Yes really it by far the easiest way to do it, you can choose the privacy setting for each video as you upload it and it also means that if you want to record in advance for a blog you can do so, set the privacy to unlisted until after you publish your vlog then people don’t find it before you are ready, also having your own Youtube is great for putting up book trailers etc and means should you ever get famous you already have the account name sewn up lol, also there is a brilliant library of royalty free music you can download to use in the youtube library and you if you type in free video loops to the search bar you can find loops like the ones I use in my intro which you can use without worry, the first ones I ever did were terrible lol and someday in the future will cringe looking back at them but like all journeys you have to start somewhere the only regret a person should ever have was being too scared to put the first foot forward

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