Fact Vs Fiction

No Vlog today.

I am sorry but to be honest really this week I have been more or less constantly by Boris’s side when not working, he is still with us but I fear we are now in his final hours, and I know that the pet lovers amongst you will understand my grief and heartbreak.

Some people might question why I have not taken him to the vets and had the end brought forth and I have considered this numerous times, and if at any time he showed any sign of pain I would do it in a heartbeat, but I can assure you he is not, and believe me he would let me know if he were he is simply tired and sleeping constantly more or less now, if possibly I want to allow him to go in his own time, in his own home, if I am honest it would be easier on me to take him and have him put to sleep but right now I allow his actions and looks to guide me and give him lots of cuddles.

If you have not put your name in the hat there is still the Goodreads Giveaway running here

I will be back once things have run there course

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