4 thoughts on “Vlog Time 15 – Moving Forward

  1. What a delight to see you looking and sounding so positive. Keep it up and you’ll be in that ‘new place’ sooner than the end of the year. Very best of luck with the submissions.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. You have to be a little positive about your work, more gutsy than me, I have three finished and many shorts but scared to put them forward to anyone,,, good luck with yours and positive moods,,,carry on with it..


  3. Hi Paula! Be sure to be good to yourself. Pressure of publishing is overwhelming at times. I still have that pressure even now. So we have to create a positive aura around yourself and a support system of good people. I have to say that you and my other WordPress family have been that for me. I am going through a blue period right now, but I have to keep my head up and shrug off the sad. Along with making sure I am doing things that I like and make me feel good! I love you, Paula. You and Sam are part of my support. Take care and remember… LOTS OF LOVE, Emily


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