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Happy Dances

Yes I know it should be Udolpho but well I am doing happy dances!

Every writer knows that there is a terrible waiting time between submission and the email that reveals your fate.  You hit send and then are forced to remain in limbo waiting to see how your work has been received with no idea of how long it will even be before you hear anything back.

In 2012 I was accepted to be included in a Charity Anthology for WOCA which hopefully is still in the pipeline however real life issues for the editor/compiler had placed that on hold.  Then just after Christmas I submitted to another Charity Anthology this time for an animal rescue I support, the anthology was being put together but two writers who also support the rescue one of whom is a Facebook friend.  Late the other night a post popped up on Facebook that they had finally whittled down the submissions and discussed how hard it had been and how high the standard had been.  The next status update was that the fateful emails were being sent out with contracts for those who made the grade, comments started appearing on the thread stating signed and returned. My email box sat empty, I guessed that they had done the ones they were accepting first before they sent out the rejections and even feared that they were worried it would effect our friendship, someone else posted stating they believed they had not made the grade, so I made the point of adding on that thread that rejection is a part of writing we learn from it and move on, every rejection is one email closer to an acceptance. By now it was late so I headed off to bed, then in the morning an email awaited…

Well you have probably guessed by the title that when after a coffee and staring at the screen for a few minutes I found the courage to open it there was a contract waiting for me to sign and return.  I confess I did a little happy dance before signing and returning the form.  The rescue has been hit badly by the bad weather here in the UK so they intend getting this project out asap so stay tuned for updates, and me getting a little giddy at times.

Now I have to calm down and get stuck in on another story I am preparing for a submission for next week as well as two others and working on Voices, I don’t think running out of ideas is the least of my worries lol


18 thoughts on “Happy Dances

  1. Congrats… just paused to join in with a quick dance with you. 🙂
    Really happy you got picked. I hope it will be the start to something as meaningful as happiness and purpose in life.


  2. Way to go! I love that you had such a great attitude about the outcome before you knew it – not defeatist, but definitely optimistic either way. I’m so glad you were chosen.


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