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Challenging Myself – Updated

I have made a couple of changes to the original list as I realised a have a few books on kindle which are awaiting reviews that other bloggers were kind enough to share with us for free so my kindle list now takes this into account.

I have been inspired by a new blog I found today.  T. M. B at 50 Year Project has set themselves a range of goals for places to go and books to read.  Although I have joined the Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge the targets I set myself were quite tame. So I have decided to bite the bullets and up the ante and am setting myself a personal reading challenge.  I know there are a few different ones doing the rounds and have taken a look at a few I was tempted by The Classics Club on A Room of One’s Own but given my ever growing pile of books waiting to be read I thought that rereading old favourites might not be such a good idea.  I also liked T. M. B.’s idea of reading books from the year I was born but as that may involve a trip to the bookshop the other half may not be impressed and again the pile of to reads would continue to grow.  So I have decided to devise my own list of 50 books to read before the end of the year.  To make sure I stick to the books I am supposed to be reading I am going to post the list here.  I have books everywhere and could easily procrastinate in choosing the titles that I am going to get through so I am going to pick 25 from my kindle and 25 from round the house.  The ones round the house will be decided purely on what I pick up from the various stashes on a straight first grab basis. So here we go…

My 25 kindle books will be (drum roll)

1) Secrets Amongst the Shadows By Sally Berneathy

2) The Speed of Winter By B. Morris Allen

3) Ripper’s Revenge By Shawn Weaver and Donnie Light

4) Young Men Shall See By Scott Thompson

5) The Hunter Inside By David McGowan

6) Demons and Kittens By H.N. Sieverding

7) Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me? By Carrie Nyman

8) Tanglewood Road by David M. Hooper

9) Scary Mary By S. A. Hunter

10) The First Night By M. S. Fowle

11) The First Blood By M. S. Fowle

12) Stealing Jenny By Ellen Gayle

13) Dark Corners By Liz Schulte

14) Child of the Ghosts By Jonathan Moeller

15) Broadmoor Revealed ; Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum By Mark Stevens (I did start this but got distracted)

16) Shattered By Karl S Jones

17) Scriber By Ben S. Dobson

18) Missing Mandy By Shirley S Simon

19) The Perfect Game By John Hansen

20) Deadlocked By A. R. Wise

21) The Universal Mirror By Gwen Perkins

22) Legion of Bats By Shadow Stephens

23) A Brief Madness By Karisha Kal’ee’ay

24) Fallen Angel By Mona Ingram

25) The Stone Arrow By Richard Herley

My paper 25 to read

1) The Wolf Gift By Anne Rice (I admit I have started this one)

2) The Faithful Spy By Alex Berenson

3) True Crime By Andrew Klavan

4) Man And Wife By Andrew Klavan (it is an omnibus but is huge so counting it as two)

5) The Gallows Curse By Karen Maitland

6) Jane Slayre By Charlotte Bronte and Sherri Browning Erwin

7) Of Love and Evil By Anne Rice

8) Island of Bones By Imogen Robertson

9) The Hunter By Tom Wood

10) A Stolen Life A Memoir By Jaycee Dugard

11) The Traveller By John Twelve Hawks

12) Angel and Demons By Dan Brown (yes I know the rest of the planet has read it but I bought it then someone put me off it)

13) Cutting for Stone By Abraham Verghese

14) Random Acts of Heroic Love By Danny Scheinmann

15) Angelology By Danielle Trussoni

16) Pride and Promiscuity By Arielle Eckstut

17) Wintersmith By Terry Pratchett

18) The Pillars of Rome By Jack Ludlow

19) Room By Emma Donoghue

20) The Italian By Anne Radcliffe

21) Mr Strangelove By Ed Sikov

22) The Cranford Chronicles By Elizabeth Gaskell

23) Confessions Of An English Opium Eater By Thomas De Quincey

24) Evelina By Frances Burnley

25) The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman By Louis de Bernieres

As o look at the list I see how toatally random my reading is a couple are books I bought for university and then did not use or only skimmed through.  I promise a book review for each of the books I read and am going to have a play with the widgets see if I can figure out how to do a countdown to completion.

9 thoughts on “Challenging Myself – Updated

    1. Haha I picked the books last night just grabbing the ones I came to first looking at the list again this morning there are a couple I am so not looking forward to lol 🙂


  1. I know what you mean about having a bookshelf of books you have that aren’t read yet. I haven’t read half my book shelf yet and seem to want to buy more books for my Nook. One of my goals when I get home is to finish all my books I have and then only when I’m done will I be allowed to treat myself to another book. 🙂 Good luck on your reading adventure.


      1. lol well if your not spending any money then I don’t think it’s ruining your budget. However it won’t get you any closer to finishing your collection lol. 🙂


  2. I wish you luck!! And I look forward to reading your reviews. Also, I haven’t read Angels and Demons either, but I read the DaVinci Code last year and loved it. I am further behind than you 🙂


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