February 2016

1.  Yes you have heard it before but this will be the last time Voices Across The Void will be published by the time I do my first monthly round up!

See January for details of the launch but relaunch coming in May

2.  Weight, yes this one again and I did fail miserably last year, actually I ended the year heavier than I began, damn that comfort eating but this year I shall make myself more accountable to you all. Now there are going to be a lot of you who will say but you don’t look that big or that size doesn’t matter but we all know in terms of health it does and as I talk about in the vlog I have my reasons for wanting to do it and they are for me, so that being said, the target goal shown here is still above what I need to lose and possibly above what I will actually lose in the next twelve months my ideal weight loss would be four stone for the year and the target on the scale is closer to six but as the first few pounds should come off quicker you never know it might be possible.

My weight is stagnant despite a load of good intentions, I had hoped to lose some weight before next months before next months ball but sadly that was not to be.

3.  In combination with 2 will be getting fit and my aim is to start hitting my 10k steps goal at least five times a week and to exercise daily if only for ten minutes a day at first building up to more, by my birthday in September I want to have lost enough weight and be fit enough to begin the couch to 5k programme, this will also be a huge confidence thing as well because it will mean I actually have to leave the house to exercise lol

Still not begun exercising like the diet I need to push myself more and make a start on improving my health ready for new adventures.

4.  Publish blog posts six days a week, I am not going to aim for daily posts all week and am going to take Sundays off, with good planning there is no reason I cannot achieve this and using scheduling should be able to prepare extra posts in advance to take the pressure off myself.

I decided to go for 7 day posts but the Sunday post is an easy one as the actual main body of the post ie the blog posts will be put into the draft during the week as I find them.

5.  Publish Dragons Mark (working title), I started the story as a Sunday Series but drifted off posting, I want to get this stand alone book done and posted before I start on the Queen of Ages trilogy in earnest, at the end of these resolutions there will be a spread sheet showing all the progress made that week on each project.

I have really not done much in terms of writing all month but I need to get back on track if I am serious about making this my life.

6. Begin planning my USA trip for 2017, this one will probably begin later in the year as until I can be sure of what time I can get off work I cannot plot too much but I am incredibly excited about this phase of my life and the fact it is becoming a reality.

I am so torn I want to go next year yet everything I read tells me I would be better waiting until the five year period is up, for now I will keep saving and planning

7.  Continue to keep accounts for my writing and reduce the deficit. Let me make it clear that although it seems like I am in debt over my writing I am not actually it is simply that since April I have kept track of any and all expenses that can be classed as writing related whether that was the £700 for a new computer or the annual fee for the blog, website or Office365. It has actually been an interesting exercise and would shock all those people who think you just write a book hit publish and make a fortune. I have also included a lot of things that other authors may not bother with, such as licences for video editing software, I pay for a licence for a site that allows me access to loads of free video loops which are brilliant for book trailers I do expect to see the numbers start to reverse eventually as I get more books out for sale and spend more time on marketing but for now I think it is a good habit to get into…

!st January 2016 Account balance = -£1844.73

1st February 2016 Account balance = -£1922.67

!st March 2016 = -£2222.91

Although I have gone further into the red it is not quite as it seems as I have spent quite a bit of money on stock for making swag and bookmarks etc.

DM Keychain #3c

8.  Write every day and do at least 1k per day on a WIP, this is something I was lacking at last year, I would find myself working in spurts and doing a few thousand words over a couple of days then taking a week off I need to develop better habits. I once again need to thank Jamie Raintree for her awesome writing charts  I have downloaded again for this year, she has made it available at a small charge this year but it is well worth it you can find out more here.  I cannot recommend them highly enough especially if like my keeping track motivates you to do better, now obviously January is a little bit different as you are carrying over totals from projects already under-way, for example voices I am on another read through edit so I am counting that for my revision total.

I have again failed at this but the main thing at this point is not to get too down over it and try to get back on track.

9.  Get my camera out more again, for the first half of last year I did get the camera out but the second half of the year having a new phone with a better camera meant that I really just snapped the odd photo and posted straight to instagram, while I have no intention of stopping that I realise looking back over the year how much I miss just wandering round with the camera capturing nature and life in general, so I intend to make sure at least once a month I get the camera out of the house.

Still not had the camera out as the weather continues to be cold wet and miserable.

10.  See more concerts and plays, more days out and more dreams crossed off my Bucket list, it did start as 50 Before 50 but I decided to get it all in one list and actually work on it.

Not been anywhere yet this year, the weather really has not given the option though I have considered a few days out, next month however will see two really cool days out.

11.  Submit at least one new piece of fiction to the market each month, unsold pieces will be either resubmitted or used as the fiction bonus for my newsletter.

Not done either though one of the pieces I was using for submitting has now gone in a book so I need to build up more.

12.  Send out a news letter every month, I am going to send it on the same day each month from now on and though I have not picked a date I think maybe the 21st of each month may be a good date.

Not done and still not decided on a firm date for it to be sent am now thinking about the first of the month.

13.  I am going to update my website weekly and keep up with that especially as I get more books out there it will become more important it is kept up to date with news and events.

Again I have failed and really no excuse other than have not had anything much to say this month.

14.  Get out more, I seem to have become a recluse lately partly due to lack of confidence in my appearance but also just due to the fact it is hard to arrange things as a single parent once again, especially when the monsters dad and family have him when I am working so cannot really get them to have him so I can go out, so even if it involves taking the child with me to the cinema or eating out determined to get out once a month.

Nothing this month as such but hopefully as the weather improves so will my chances of escaping.

15.  Redecorate my house, I have made a start with the bathroom, the monsters room is next, then hallway, kitchen, Living room and my bedroom last as that needs the most work and is least likely to be seen by anyone else this year lol.

Still just the two rooms done, but really need to wait for slightly warmer weather before starting next area which I think will be the hallway.