March 2014


Once more I am having to play catch up from my journal so please bear with me if I forget anything which might have been interesting.

I began the month on a bit of a downer having missed a deadline for a story I really wanted to write and submit, of course the story still exists and will be used at some point but I was annoyed and frustrated at myself and after a good self slapping of the wrist issued myself a must try harder note.  I had seen a post regarding the features of Scrivener and decided to investigate it a little more but not surprisingly found myself soon reverting back to just using the usual features lol, I guess sometimes it is nice that things have bonus features but you don’t really need them.

I am loving the My Fitness Pal app and although the pounds are not dropping off it is really good for keeping me positive, I know if I keep at it the weight will move slowly and stay off, I have also been using the cross trainer more. Of course saying that we spoiled it a little bit by having dinner out…

Monster looking at the menu despite the fact he always chooses sausage
Monster looking at the menu despite the fact he always chooses sausage

I have downloaded a few different apps to aid with my writing and have high hopes they will help me focus and get things finished, I have also been helping my daughter get her essays done for Uni so hopefully over the summer she will in term be able to return the favour with some proof reading.

The other night out was to the Annual Joseph Salmon Casino Night where I had a great time and helped a worthy cause at the same time.


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