February 2014


I am really behind on posting these so I am desperately playing catch up and having to work from my diaries and Journal to fill in what I have been up to.

The hardest part of the month was facing that it had been a year since Charlie’s passing, I cannot imagine how Fi and Joey carry on though of course they have no choice, that he would be looking forward to being a big brother brings it home even more.  I really do feel bad that Voices is not out yet and must really get it finished in his memory.

I finally watched Sherlock this month, despite my worries I would not like it I really did and think Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have updated it perfectly.

This month I also signed the contract for a short story to appear in a Wolf Themed Anthology to raise funds for Artisan Rare Animal rescue, however the end of the month saw me feeling lethargic and struggling to focus and sadly meant I missed the submission date for the latest issue of Zest however at least I managed to submit some pictures.

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