April 2014

originalFinally I am up to date writing the monthly round ups though I really should create them and update them weekly or as something exciting happens in order to make sure you get the full picture.

The most exciting things this month were taking part and completing the A to Z challenge and my new writing apps a couple of which I will definitely be buying the full versions of.

We of course had the Easter holidays and went out to eat on the bank holiday…


And of course there were the pictures of my Easter Bonnet…


I managed after a rather stressful experience to submit a story to the hidden in your world anthology which I nervously await a response on but if it does not get accepted I really do like the story so I will work on it more for either resubmission or for part of a horror/dark fantasy anthology of my own. I really do want to spend a few hours at some point actually organising all the stories I have in various places and working out what could go with what in terms of story collections but of course right now the ghost stories take precedence and hopefully my daughter will get some editing done for me now.

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