Writing Resolutions 2014

Last year I set myself some writing resolutions so of which I achieved others I failed miserably at this year I am setting more and tougher goals for myself but I know I can achieve them if I focus and keep on top of every thing so here we go…

1) Finish and publish Voices it has been dragging on far too long know even though I know some of the delays have been unavoidable.

2) Redraft Q of A and send out to at least three publishers/agents

3) Write every day and achieve a full year chain on the Magic Spreadsheet

4) Submit at least once piece of work for each month of the year to a journal or competition.

5) Use my time more effectively and not leave everything until the last minute

6) Set up the website properly as a place just for my work rather than all my other stuff although there will be a link to the blog for those interested.

7) Blog every day there is no excuse not to if I plan properly.

8) Photo blog over on Inspired Thru the Lens every day certainly no excuse on that one as it only takes a minute to schedule each post

9) Write in my journal every day – I was rather sporadic in that last year

10)  Accept I will never achieve perfection and let others tell me when things are going okay rather than having a hissy fit and hitting delete when I fee they aren’t.


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