8. Vlog Time

Vlog Time #5

Here it is the final instalment of my holiday footage, I am pretty sure you are all fed up with hearing about it now so I promise I will be quiet other than to remind you if you wish to see the photos check out my FB page or the long video on my You Tube channel, I am trying to cut back on posting photos on here as my space is running out and I can’t afford to buy more at the minute and I am resisting the urge to start going back and deleting posts.

8. Vlog Time

Vlog Time #4

The second of the three vlogs from Scarborough this one features me vlogging from a castle, seagulls, water, squirrels and trams plus a few other bonus bits, if I had been better organised I would have done daily Vlogs and then shared a little every day but I didn’t think about that until I got home, right better go get these postcards written…


Vlog Time #3

I am back from my holiday and have an abundance of video footage to share, most of it does not actually feature me rather it is shot by me.  Over the course of this week I will post three vlogs sharing the footage and if you are on my FB page you can find the stills over there, however I intend to make a complete holiday video and post it on my You Tube channel, I also intend eventually to do the same and create slideshows of some of my previous exploits so if you want to be sure to see them all hit the subscribe button and get updates of all the videos I post.

Today bus rides and wave frenzy including wet feet…