Resolutions 2021

2021 At last! Thank Goodness 2020 is done.

A new year means a new start, and of course, resolutions about making the new year better than the previous, and I am no different. Last year I allowed events in both my personal life and the world in general distract me and wear me down until I lost my writing mojo. I made an attempt to rally however, I failed there after a couple of good weeks it all went back downhill, but I took a different approach and decided to prepare to make 2021 my best year yet. So here we go with this years writing resolutions…

  1.  I will blog at least five times a week. I previously had quite a good following on here and plenty of interactions, I will work on regaining that audience and rewarding those who have stood by me for whom I have the greatest respect and affection.
  2.  I will publish a minimum of four books this year, I have a couple already well under way and want to get the rest of the Queen Of Ages Trilogy published so I can move on to the two other series that I have floating around in my head.
  3. I will make sure all pries are posted out within two weeks of them being won unless I am waiting for a postal address.
  4. I will get the podcast back up and running and be consistent at that, I will also arrange for interviews with author friends as part of that.
  5. I will get the Raven’s Rest Press website set up to allow readers to order print copies of my books, which can be signed and shipped to them if they cannot attend signings.
  6. Once the trilogy is finished I will look at creating the special hard back trilogy version.

So just half a dozen resolutions to get by backside back on track, let me know in comments, do you make resolutions? If so, what are they?

Happy New Year to all and remember…

Fact Vs Fiction

Happy New Year! Time for resolutions and reflection.

The last few years I have set out my resolutions in list form and failed miserably so this year I am going back to a general post at the end of each month rounding up how things have gone and my hopes going forward. So lets start with the new logo…

I am in love with this fabulous new author logo designed for me by Georgina Lambert you can find out more about her and her work here. She is incredibly talented I a hope to work with her again in the future, getting the right logo is such hard work, you want something that looks incredible, stands out but is also simple enough to be shrunk down or blown up depending on what you are putting it on, I am hoping to have badges with this on very soon.

Next up, the writing! This can be split into three different areas this year, first I intend to up my blog game here by preparing and scheduling blogs in advance and being a lot more consistant updating the website and getting the newsletters out quarterly.

Secondly, the number of books I am looking to put out in a year is going to go up, the last few years I have only dont one per year but this year I am looking to get at least four out, and to be fair three of them are half written.

The final writing aim is in the form of a Patreon page I am starting. on the 21st of each month subscribers to the Patreon page will get to read a short story that at that time will not be available anywhere else. at the end of the year they stories will be made into a book but those who have supported me for over six month will get a signed print copy of the book shipped to them. There are also other perks for different levels of suport and there will be extra giveaways exclusively on there. I am also hoping eventually to sort out some exclusive merchandise for those supporters. If you are interested in learning more or signing up to become a patreon supporter you can find out more here.

In my personal life we have the usual lose weight and get fitter, this is a definite must this year with a second grandchild due to chase round after and an already dodgy back. Plus I want to start planing to travel more and losing weight will certainly make that easier.

So, this is me, at the start of what I hope will be an incredibly exciting year full of fun, stories and craziness.