3. Wednesday · Nano Updates 2013

NaNo Week 3 – I give in!


It’s official I quit lol

I have decided that even trying to complete NaNo this year is just a huge NoNo, the experience has not been a total waste of time though.

I realised that the novel I was attempting during this NaNo was not suited to this style of writing, it is the second book of my trilogy and requires far too much concentration to keep it in line with what has already taken place than I can deal with when a clock is ticking.  I know some people can easily keep several timelines etc running at the same time but between work, pets and kids it is just not possible for me.

So what have I learnt… well basically for me I need to do more planning before hand both in terms of preparing blog posts upfront and for the story I intend to work on.  I think for me the best type of story to work on in NaNo will be a stand alone type book and in hind sight I may have fared better had I gone with the Vampire book.

So prior to next year I will ensure I have cleared the deck in terms of other writing commitments so I can focus solely on NaNo and I will do my chapter/plot outline prior to November so I can be sure I have time to do any extra research that crops up.

I am not disappointed… okay I lie I am but not too badly now back to writing

3. Wednesday · Nano Updates 2013

NaNo Week 2


NaNo is turning into a NoNo, this is my first attempt at NaNo and I had high hopes of managing it without too much difficulty, but as always seems to be the case for me when I feel positive everything goes wrong.  I have spent half the last two weeks chasing round, on hold on the phone trying to get my gas meter sorted out, and obviously with a small child and the weather getting colder that had to be my priority, and finally it is now sorted.  The the issue is that I am going through a phase with the monster at the minute where he does not want to get in his own bed on a night, he wants to cuddle up in my bed and it can take up to an hour to get him settled which means it is around half nine on an evening before I can focus on my writing which as you can imagine means I am already exhausted before I begin trying to get anything down in the evening session.  I will continue with NaNo and technically it is not beyond reach but will take pulling a few serious writing sessions to get back in the zone saying which that’s what I am going to do for the next couple of hours before I head out to work. Maybe next weeks update will look a little better…

nano 2

3. Wednesday · Nano Updates 2013

NaNo Week One


I have to be honest my NaNo has barely started but that’s okay.

I knew coming into November this year that I had a few commitments and that writing was something I needed to fit in around them, I knew the first week of NaNo would be pretty much a write off the same way I know that there are at least two days later in the month where other things come first so I have actually planned for this.

So far my word count stands at a paltry 500 however by the time I check in again next week I should be well and truly back on track and on target….this is my first NaNo and I have not put too much expectation on myself, yes I intend to do it but given the thing I am working on I know it will be very little more than a detailed plot outline as the actually book when written properly will be closer to a 100k.

So for today just a brief update, next week full steam ahead…