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Last of the Summer Wine Country

Okay am late posting today two reasons the first as you know from my last few posts the Lennox campaign has been something close to my heart and I have spent the last couple of hours helping spread the word about various petitions and discussing some Anti BSL rallys happening here in the UK this weekend if anyone in the UK would like to know more about that please feel free to email me.  I do have a favour to ask of any dog lovers who may be reading this… The TV programme “Dispatches” on channel 4 have said that they will investigate BCC if they get enough requests.So get if you could spare a few minute to email the address is

Okay back to normal service the other reason I am late is I spent the day away from the computer out in the countryside with the other half.  For those not in the UK who might not have a clue what the title of this blog refers to bare with me all will be explained.

Rooibos and Parma Violet Soaps

I good friend of mine Claire makes the most amazing jewellery recently she branched out and started making soap. Today she was at Holmfirth Market so I decided to go lend my support aswell as help myself to some lovely new soaps.

If anyone would like to see her full range and her fantastic jewellery including the Tiger’s Eye set she created just for me take a look here at Claire’s Gems.

So back to the title a programme UK followers will have heard of is Last of the Summer Wine basically a comedy about a group of pensioners getting up to all sorts of mischief.  When I mentioned to other half was going to write this post he said you gotta have the bathtub, and I guess it does explain the show pretty well so here is your first clip….

It is not the clip he meant but I don’t want to spoil it too much for those who get a taste for it.  The show is filmed mainly in and around Holmfirth so I have a few pictures that you may recognise and will post a few pictures and clips to show those who have never seen it.

Nora Batty’s cottage

This clip shows the legendary Nora Batty,she of the wrinkled stockings.  The house used now bears a blue plaque in honour of the show.  Many other places used in the show also exist around the village.  at the end of this post will be a slideshow see how many you can match with clips you have watched lol

Sid’s Cafe

As it was such a lovely day we required cold beverages and therefore ended up in the local pubs but anyone wanting a warm drink could always try the cafe which features in the show.

The other half spent a lot of his teenage years

Other haf reminescing he watched Live Aid in the beer garden behind this pub on a normal tv wired up to extra speakers, no big screen tv in pubs back then lol

living up here so he knew all the pubs lol

If you ever get the chance to go have a look round I recommend it.

The old cobbled streets and the hills do make it tiring but I loved it.  We hope to go again soon and explore a little further out into the countryside.  I leave you with the slide show some of these photos were taken from the bus (which took the scenic route) back into town but didn’t come out too badly.

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Questioning the World · So it's Saturday

Rollercoaster of Emotions

I almost didn’t post today, mainly as it has been a bit of a rollercoaster today with ups and downs.  But as writing helps me put things into perspective I thought I would share whats been going on as you will see most of it is pretty mundane but so often it is the little things that bug us more.

First thing I had to go into work for a meeting about my latest absence with my back.  No big deal they just want to see how I am doing and see if there is anything they can do to help.  Really not much anyone can say or do to help and I am as much in limbo as everyone else until I see what the consultants latest decision if after he has viewed the last scan results.

Then I get online and check my emails.  I have stopped trying to read on my phone.  I love all the blogs I follow I really do but today I turned off the emails from one ten posts over night is just a little too excessive for me.  The blog in question doesn’t follow me and as they do not allow comments I doubt they will ever find their way here.  If all the blogs were informative I would happily read them but most are just a few lines or reblogs from other pages so sadly I shall go visit when I get chance but I will save space in my inbox.  Then I checked fb said hi to a few people and replied to a few messages but the real reason I went on was for news of Lennox.  Lennox was a happy family pet snatched from his family under BSL laws and has been sentenced to death basically for looking like a Pittie.  He isn’t DNA has proved that but the council in question refused to back down and the courts have believed the lies they told to cover up their incompetence.  He was due to be killed today or tomorrow.  Huge protests took place in various places over the last couple of days it took one in New York today to finally get a politician here in the UK to take notice.  At first the newsfeeds were full of posts saying he had been released to be taken to the States by a Professional Dog Behaviourist ssadly they were untrue.  Tonight he spends another night alone in a cold stark cell waiting for one woman to decide whether he will live or die. You can read his full story of how he was taken here I know he is not alone in this fate and it is something which really gets me upset.  Night after night the roll call for those sentenced to death in shelters around the world brings tears to my eyes.  They have committed only one crime..they were born or in many cases bred, bred, bred some more then thrown on the scrap heap.  As you know I have two dogs Patch the puppy we did buy not from a breeder but from a friend of a friend had she been a breeder when I went to look at him however cute he was I would not have brought him home.  My old man Boris (pictured above) was a rescue puppy.  We rescued him age 8 weeks old he is now 11 years old and every bit as much a part of our family as those on two legs.  I look at him and imagine what it would be like for him to be ripped away from us and placed with little human interaction.  I cannot imagine throwing him away because he is old and not as cute as he once was.  I try to avoid politics and religion on here because I started this blog to learn more about writing and as a way to practise but today I cannot resist asking you all to hold your pets a little closer tonight and think of those who have been betrayed by humans.  We call them animals but many show far more humanity than those who claim the right to call themselves human.  I tried writing some poetry but to be honest it all came out as very bleak, dark and depressing.

On the plus side today and I did say there had been highs aswell as lows I got into a pair of my daughter’s jean.  Yes I see the puzzled looks.  I have been trying to lose weight and although mine were a little loose I did not believe I could fit a smaller size yet.  My daughter handed my a pair of her jeans while I was searching the laundry waiting to be put away and i put them on..they are two sizes smaller than mine YAY!!!!!

I have edited four chapters though to be fair two of them had some work done on the previously and the ones that are in dire need of serious editing are still to come.

The last positive was I spotted a coach trip going to Stonehenge for the end of this month.  It is somewhere I have always wanted to see and also with my beliefs also a little bit of a pilgrimage of sorts, however that will depend on this rain stopping before then as most of the coach trips over the last week had been cancelled due to flooding.