8. Vlog Time

Vlog Time #6

A little late I know but you get two videos for the price of one, first the next vlog featuring the footage from the Kylie Concert and the second is the opening number from a my friends cousins band who we were out seeing this weekend…

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Day 13 – A song you sing to in the shower

Hmmm now this is a tough one as I don’t sing in the shower, in fact I prefer a nice soak in the bath instead and anyone who has heard my singing knows that I only sing when the music is belting out full blast for a reason. I guess if I were to sing in the shower it would be to something I could dance about to at the same time so lets have a think about this – so many possibilities.

This second one was not a favourite when it came out but it has grown on me since

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Day 09 – A song that makes you want to dance

Again so many to choose from and do they mean sway or leap round like a lunatic?  I guess I will have to pick the first one as I love listening to this woman as I get ready for a night out with the girls, she always gets in party mode without me doing to much damage to my eye with the mascara wand – dancing while applying make up bad idea…. (gentlemen if you don’t like the music just look at the shorts we will forgive you)

Now the next one I really wish I still had the energy to do it justice lets just say I have bounced round a few dancefloors to this in my time.