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Day 10 – A song that makes you cry

Hmmm isn’t this the same as songs that make you sad?  Okay so now I need two more songs that bring tears to my eyes this is really hard because a lot of the more upsetting things that have happened in my life don’t have a soundtrack as such, there are no songs really linked to people who have passed or their passing. Okay the first is from a film I can’t watch without crying…

The next one the clothes are pure 80’s early 90’s and it isn’t a band a really liked but this song knowing it was written about the lost of one of the band members brother can make me tear up thinking of those who have departed before their time

Blog Challenges · Music Challenge

Day 05 – A song that has a new meaning to you every time you hear it

Am a little stumped by this one I confess as usually once a song has a meaning attached it tends to stick.  Okay after staring at the screen for a while and hitting random songs in my I-Tunes I have a tenuous answer.  This is more a question of me understanding more rather than personal feelings regarding relationships, maybe rather fitting given what today is.  The first is about the way what you would do for love changes as you grow older, as teenagers we are more willing to become what the other person wants of us rather than remain true to ourselves and risk being rejected.

The second song is one I loved from the moment I heard it but as a person in my teens when I first heard it I could not understand the concept of needing courage to walk away from a relationship but as an adult I can see the consequences far more clearly and know how scary it could be to make that move.

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Day 03 – A song that makes you laugh

Again not as easy as it sounds some songs make me laugh because of memories and some because they are attached so bad they are funny rather than deliberately amusing.

So this one makes me laugh remembering school disco’s – it was one of the few songs that the boys would enter the dance floor for and then it was to out highwayman each other

the other is a Monty Python skit need I say more

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Day 01 – A song that makes you happy

Hmmm as you can imagine this one is quite tough at the minute but will give it a go I am going to try to give you two options for each question.

This first one takes me back to my teens were anything and everything was possible and life had not yet made me cynical.

The second one is a youtube mix I love music that I can dance to it generally makes me happy after all one needs music to happy dance to even if only in your head so this is two of the most iconic ladies in pop merged into one amazing track