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Okay really quick post today as I have loads on first although I normally do it on a Saturday I have an award to collect and its a nice new shiny one..

wpHere are the rule thingys by which we must all obey …..

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family. (I didn’t specify any number, just go with those you feel deserve it.)
4. Let your Family members know you have awarded them
5. Post 7 (interesting) things about yourself.

First I need to link to the lovely Ahmin who nominated me, not only is he very talented and generous but also a really nice guy.  In my recent nagging everyone to donate books he sent me 5 and we actually had to wrestle one from the grip of my boss who tried to argue that she should be allowed to read it before it was handed out as a prize.  Please click here to pop over to his page and say hello and learn more about him from his answers.

Now 7 things about me… these get harder and harder to do as I am really not that interesting so don’t blame me if these facts are boring you had all the good ones lol

1) I have been posting a number one for each year leading up to my birthday on my Facebook page The Tams Hey girl don’t bother me was number one the day I was born

2)  Even if I never buy another book with the size of my to read pile and the number of books on my kindle there is a good chance I will still never manage to read them all in my life time.

3)  Even though I know number 2 I will still buy more books.

4)  I once convinced one of my American friends to go into work and ask his work mates how they liked their Spotted Dick and Faggots – I had explained to him what they were but he was not allowed to tell them until afterwards and he had to film it – the results were hilarious.

just incase anyone doesn’t know…

Spotted Dick
Spotted Dick

5)  As you know I am a huge Doctor Who fan but I have to admit over the last couple of series Steven Moffat has made me cry over and over again.  Part of me hates the fact I allow myself to get so immersed in fictional characters to thee point where they can make me blub like a baby and to be fair it’s not just Doctor Who all sorts of things set me off but the Doctor River storyline has done it more than any other and here is why (you will be okay unless you watch the show in which case I am sorry here’s a tissue)

6)  My other childhood Sci-Fi love was Blake’s 7 Servalan was the ultimate evil bitch and Avon was a character that tore your loyalties, obviously selfish and all his actions were self serving but you were unsure if he was really as bad as you thought and was probably my first real experience of characters who are a real mixture of good and evil.  I know talks are going on about a remake yet again but part of me would rather they just enhanced the existing series I love the characters to much as they have been played to see other people in the roles (sorry about the poor quality but it seems mos clips have been removed)

7)  Not a very flattering picture this one but me with my little brother and his new wife on Saturday OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now to pass the award on and I am just going to pick a few people and give the reasons I am nominating them.

Emily Guido – Emily is a lovely lady and like the others I will be nominating has moved beyond the classification of fellow blogger to friend, even though as with the some of the others there is physically an Ocean between us and the chances of meeting in real life are slim you know with some people you would just click.

Heidi – one of the first blogs I started following on WP but now much more than that, we are great friends on Facebook laugh at the same pictures and coo over each others little boys, she has become like a sister I have never met and is one of the few people that I have trusted to read the novel, for which I am grateful for her feed back though along with one of my other friends Susan we have had a few heated debates regarding spelling and word choice lol.  Oscar Wilde I believe it was who once said something along the lines of the UK and US are very alike except for the language lol

M.S Fowle – Mel has always been a huge support, she created my wonderful Voices cover and has offered help when I am ready to face the formatting nightmares but more than that she takes the time to send an email when she knows I am down despite the chaos she must have with a job, kids, writing and cover design, a few people comment they don’t know how I get everything done well that is nothing compared to this ladies workload.

Wicca303 – the final one for my quartet of nominations and holds the distinction of being the first fellow blogger I have met in the flesh.  We met on a very wet and windy day for coffee and due to the downpour we did not take pics but hopefully we are meeting up for lunch and a natter again next week and we might consider a pic then we will see lol.

So there you go please check out these ladies if you are not already acquainted with them, I could have chosen so many of you but I would be here all day.

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Bonus Tv Review – Blakes 7


It could be seen as procrastinating from picking the Mysteries of Udolpho up again but the reality is that one thing leading to another has brought us here last week I discussed my love of the Doctor and the podcasts that I listen to as a result, well I have been listening to back episodes of a couple and listening to one by The Ood Cast another of my childhood favourites was mentioned.  I am fully aware for non UK followers this programme may be unknown unless they have the geek gene but let me introduce Blakes 7.

Now I know that by todays standards it looks terrible it has aged badly when you compare it to CGI technology but it still has something, these characters made you love them or in some cases hate them, as kids we played Blakes 7 in the field behind where I lived, we ran round pretending to shoot each other with sticks that were our lasers, teleported by jumping, and of course we girls spent as much time rescuing the boys as they did rescuing us.  I have to say in many ways my childhood was far more enjoyable than that of my own children, we had far more freedom, places we could play safely and less pressure to produce results at school which ironically led to far more creativity.  Now we have almost gone full turn where people expect children to learn by rote rather than thinking, they have targets to meet rather than time to develop but that is another story for another day.

Of course all good stories need a bad guy or in this case a very bad girl.

She always wore the most fantastic outfits sadly as a bit of a tomboy I never appreciated them at the time I was always far more like Cally who was a telepath aswell as her other talents.

One thing I have noticed is the age of the actors, if this was made today they would all be played by people in their early to mid twenties, for potentially two reasons one of course being sex appeal but the other reason I think is partly down to how long a series can be spun out while it keeps making money, Blakes 7 in some ways is unique in that it has a very obvious limitation in its very title, Blake himself.  His companions can change and if fact Blake himself did not appear throughout all four series but even when not an actual screen presence he was very much still part of the story line, fan fiction has suggested the possibility of clones being involved at the end of the series for its continuance but we will come back to that at in a minute.

If you have not watched this and now have an urge to watch the full series stop here! No seriously stop! Go Away! Because I am abut to discuss the end of the series so if you think you might want to watch it toddle off now the full episodes are on You tube.

Now for everyone else…

Blakes 7 ended with a massacre.  There is no other way to describe it, and today in a society where we have come to terms with the idea of things lasting forever this seems strange, although there was the slimmest possibility of one or two characters possibly having miraculously escaped according to certain fan circles, the reality is that a story line would have to be pretty far removed from reality to allow it.

Part of me would love to see this series remade, but part of me would be scared of what they would do with it.  While I am sure they could do amazing things for the special effects I am not so sure they could re-capture the spirit of it and that they would stay faithful to the ending.