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Austen in August – Pride & Prejudice DVD Comparison

I admit this was not the post I had hoped to be doing today I had intended reviewing the first of the books I have picked to read for Austen in August however, yesterday morning I awoke to some upsetting news, an online friend is in a medically induced coma following a car accident.  this is someone I have never met in real life nor realistically am ever likely to.  I know Danny only through playing a game, we talk sporadically but it does not ease the shock friendships and aquaintances we make on line are sometimes more real than the ones in day to day life, we can hide behind a screen but sometimes that very anonimity allows us to be ourselves more fully without worry of letting anyone down.  Danny is a hero but I am not allowed to call him that, he says he was only doing doing his job, but I hope it will be the same strength of character that he showed during the rescues during 9/11 when he spent hours trapped in the rubble that will pull him through this.

So back to subject I decided following last weeks Cranford review to have a quick look at the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice and the hollywood block buster.

Having been lucky enough to have visited the locations used for Pemberly in both versions, and I have to say they both have their own appeal much like the two versions themselves

The BBC version was a tv series therefore longer and including much more of the original words that Austen wrote.  As personal preference this is by far my favourite version the charcters are portrayed far more closer to those Austen described or maybe I am bias as it is the version I saw first.

BBC setting for Pemeberly at Lyme Park

The views at Lyme Park are spectacular although the interiors were shot else where and I have to say it is not the most impressive of the big houses i have visited inside.  But wandering round the gardens, wood and parks all that is forgetton and you find yourself transported to the very place where Elizabeth encounters Darcy while visiting Pemeberly

Me at the entrance to Lyme Park

And I think this is why the BBC version does translate so well on screen.  The detail of the costumes, props and locations is unrivalled by any other makers of costume drama.  The amount of research done for every adaptation is outstanding as most of their DVDs testify to with bonus behind the scenes footage.  They are also responsible for one of the most iconic Austen images ever to have graced the scene, yes ladies this one is for you….

And for me this is the crux of the problem with the Hollywood version..Mr Darcy! I can accept Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth, I can accept the rest of the cast but sadly the choice of Darcy leaves me uninspired.  It is nothing against Matthew Macfayden he is a talented actor but for me he is just not Darcy.  The locations they chose were good, although slightly different to the places I envisioned in some cases most particularly Longborn but they did go with what is suspected to be the original inspiration for Pemberley which is of course Chatsworth house.

main entrance at chatsworth

Chatsworth is breath taking inside and out and you really can believe that Austen would have been inspired as she walked along the very same corridors that I walked along.   There is a granduer at Chatsworth which fits with the hollywood image but the film did disappoint in one aspect which I did not know until I bought the DVD and that was they added to the ending for the american version.  I read an article about why, I wish I could remember where, and I was offended for my fellow Austen lovers in the states as the suggestion was the american people  in general were not well enough aquainted with the novel to understand the ending without having it added to.  They felt that a US audience would not accept the story ending at the altar and needed to add a marital kiss, it seems a travesty that they do not give the viewers credit for having any imagaination.

Anyway it is only far to compare Darcy’s so I managed to find the same part in 2005 film version

this is the added american ending for those who haven’t seen it

Of course there have been other versions

But the BBC version will always be my favourite though the films a a good way to watch if you only have a couple of hours spare.

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Sometimes Sunday – How Long is Dead Long Enough?

I was going to do my awards today but something is on my mind?

I have spent the morning watching Discovery Channel.  Now I am fascinated by ancient history I never questioned the value of excavations of ancient sites in order that we could learn more about how our ancestors lived and died.

But this morning for some reason it is bugging me.  While the people concerned my have no knowledge of their lineage the chances are the people who archeologists pull out of the ground have living ancestors somewhere.  And even if their bloodline died out is it still okay?

If somone went into our local graveyard and started digging up bodies buried twenty years ago we would scream in protest we would be horrified yet when it is done to bodies buried two thousand years ago we are fascinated.  I count myself as guilty in this I just never stopped to questions it before.  In my parents local churchyard they have been moving graves a couple of hundred years old.  Now in part it was a result of subsidence there the ground had dropped as coffins had decomposed.  While this may have created safety issues it would have been easy  fill the holes and replace the headstones yet some either lost their headstones or were reinterred in different parts of the churchyard.

So as the title asks how long does someone need to be dead before we stop respecting them as a person and they become a specimen?

While there is no doubt over the years we have learnt so much about the past not only from actual bodies but also the grave goods buried with them but how much more can we learn.  Even with new technology we reach a point where all new information only confirms what was already known or leads to further speculation.

I cannot say I have a fixed opinion on this at the minute.  Maybe it is time unless there is some pressing reason for investigating a particular body we should stick to excavating the buildings and leave those who have passed before to rest in peace no matter how old their graves.

What do you think?

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Last of the Summer Wine Country

Okay am late posting today two reasons the first as you know from my last few posts the Lennox campaign has been something close to my heart and I have spent the last couple of hours helping spread the word about various petitions and discussing some Anti BSL rallys happening here in the UK this weekend if anyone in the UK would like to know more about that please feel free to email me.  I do have a favour to ask of any dog lovers who may be reading this… The TV programme “Dispatches” on channel 4 have said that they will investigate BCC if they get enough requests.So get if you could spare a few minute to email the address is

Okay back to normal service the other reason I am late is I spent the day away from the computer out in the countryside with the other half.  For those not in the UK who might not have a clue what the title of this blog refers to bare with me all will be explained.

Rooibos and Parma Violet Soaps

I good friend of mine Claire makes the most amazing jewellery recently she branched out and started making soap. Today she was at Holmfirth Market so I decided to go lend my support aswell as help myself to some lovely new soaps.

If anyone would like to see her full range and her fantastic jewellery including the Tiger’s Eye set she created just for me take a look here at Claire’s Gems.

So back to the title a programme UK followers will have heard of is Last of the Summer Wine basically a comedy about a group of pensioners getting up to all sorts of mischief.  When I mentioned to other half was going to write this post he said you gotta have the bathtub, and I guess it does explain the show pretty well so here is your first clip….

It is not the clip he meant but I don’t want to spoil it too much for those who get a taste for it.  The show is filmed mainly in and around Holmfirth so I have a few pictures that you may recognise and will post a few pictures and clips to show those who have never seen it.

Nora Batty’s cottage

This clip shows the legendary Nora Batty,she of the wrinkled stockings.  The house used now bears a blue plaque in honour of the show.  Many other places used in the show also exist around the village.  at the end of this post will be a slideshow see how many you can match with clips you have watched lol

Sid’s Cafe

As it was such a lovely day we required cold beverages and therefore ended up in the local pubs but anyone wanting a warm drink could always try the cafe which features in the show.

The other half spent a lot of his teenage years

Other haf reminescing he watched Live Aid in the beer garden behind this pub on a normal tv wired up to extra speakers, no big screen tv in pubs back then lol

living up here so he knew all the pubs lol

If you ever get the chance to go have a look round I recommend it.

The old cobbled streets and the hills do make it tiring but I loved it.  We hope to go again soon and explore a little further out into the countryside.  I leave you with the slide show some of these photos were taken from the bus (which took the scenic route) back into town but didn’t come out too badly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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My Home Town

Just a quick post today as I want to try to get stuck in working on the novel after the kids have been fed and watered along with the animals and the big dog has dragged me round the fields.  So today I thought I would share a few picture taken round Huddersfield where I live.  I promise to take more when I get chance not only to share with you but because when seen through the lens of a camera it takes on a whole new life that can be so easily missed by everyday life

Away Days · Tuesday Reflections

Easter Day out


Well took advantage of half decent weather today and took a trip out to a craft fair at the Piece Hall in Halifax.  My and the other half took the monster with us, a decision which I later regretted.  I love the shops in the piece hall my favourite of course being the crystal shop and my local pagan shop The Friendly Dragon.  You can see where this is going…I hardly got to look at anything, the fear of his little hands grabbing and the fact the other half can’t keep still for five minutes while I look at things.   I am sure this is a deliberate ploy by the other half to stop me spending and he almost succeeded I only bought some incense.  Sadly there were not many stalls at the fair the majority had been there the previous two days.  So after a wander round we took a quick walk round Halifax and I snapped a few pics.


Other half and the monster


I love looking at architecture wherever I go and as you will learn I prefer my buildings with some age to them.  Infact the older the better.  It is strange walking round Halifax because wherever you go you are being watched.  From almost every building faces peer down at you.  Mostly male with impressive mustaches.  The faces of those who built their fortunes with the expansion of the empire determined to ensure everyone knew of their wealth and importance.  I can not help but wonder what those unseeing eyes would say if they could comment on the the changes they have witnessed.


Couldn’t resist sneaking in todays buy I am trying as I write to work out a way to describe how it smells.  A mix of the more normal incense smells Sandalwood or Cedarwood,  but there is something else there.  The romantic in me thinks of old books, maybe the deep recesses tucked away at the back of a second hand book shop.  Something musty but pleasant. I have a feeling they will not last long then another trip will be required but do not tell anyone I may just slip away on my own next time lol