November 2013


Well November turned out to be a terrible months for me.

The month started off well enough with a night out with my workmates raising money for charity…

Me and my mate Mandy
Me and my mate Mandy

Then it all went downhill…

My Nano attempt went horribly wrong, real life conspired alongside a poor choice of subject to make it a total disaster.  Okay maybe that is an exaggeration it was not a total disaster because I learnt some important lessons that will aid me in next years attempt…

1)  choose a stand alone novel which does not require you spend extra time ensuring that chronology and continuity are correct.

2)  Research and outline more prior to the beginning

3) Work out word count so that less writing is required on days such as half term when the monster is at home.

4) Make sure you do not lose internet connection half way through the month.

The last one of course is something I need to ensure stops happening at all, sadly illness and sick pay this year have made times tough but am hoping next year to get back into the swing properly and get some cash saved up.

The final day of November saw me come home from a night out for the works Christmas do, it was not the best night out but there were a few highlights…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlittle did I know things were to get worse the next month….

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