A new year new resolutions to be broken and also the first disappointment of the year.

I have started well buying Scrivener and my domain name, and so far I have stuck to my blogging schedule more or less or at least I have posted daily on at least one of my blogs even if I have not quite managed it on both.

Voices Across The Void is coming along sporadically at times I can barely keep up with the muse at others the muse is hidden.

This is quite short as I am actually writing it retrospectively my journal attempts started out well but have turned into random entries as I struggle to fit it in to a time that I can do it daily, I was trying to do it in the evening but that didn’t work but I am thinking that maybe a morning journal looking back over the previous day would work better.  I did manage to fill in the word count tracker though I failed to hit target.

As you can see I did okay filling it in until those last few days
As you can see I did okay filling it in until those last few days
target not met
target not met

Because I am writing this from the future as it were I know Feb gets even worse but analysing what effected me can only prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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