February has proved to be a long and hard month my dad has spent the whole month in hospital with an infection in his wound after having his spinal surgery.  Tragically little Charlie lost his fight against cancer and joined the angels playing amongst the stars on Friday 8th has family, friends and we #CharliesArmy around the globe are devastated and a petition started in his name is posted at the side of the page now for anyone in the UK to sign.

With all that going on my writing has suffered blogging schedules have gone wildly askew and my journal has barely been touch.  Voices across the void has floundered and is way behind schedule now but I fully intend to give myself a firm boot up the behind and get stuck back in to everything.

On the plus side I can finally sit back at my desk if only for a short time but I do find I spend my time much more productively sat there rather than downstairs near the tv.

I have gotten no where near my word counts this month in fact half way through stopped really even trying to keep track.

embarassed to even post this one
embarassed to even post this one
terrible must do better
terrible must do better

Think the less said about this month the better next month expect a lot more new and progress

Let me know your thoughts.......

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