August 2013


I have been very lax in this respect of the blog and not done an update page for a few months.  Maybe that in its self says more about how the last few months have gone by rather than anything I could have written.  There have been changes both here in the blogs organisation and in my own personal life which I don’t want to really go into.

The future is all about focussing on the positive so I will focus on two events which have helped me see the future more clearly, one personal one writing related.

Writing related I joined the Magic Spreadsheet, it is an on-line resource which offers support and aims to assist you in writing daily. I am up to level 1 lol

level-1but to be fair I only start just over a week ago you can read more about it here.

The other thing on a personal level was my little brothers wedding I had a fantastic afternoon, though seeing myself on the pictures has made me determined to start shedding some weight, while at one point I would have deleted all the pictures of me I can now accept that as hideous as I think I look it does not matter, what does matter is that I was there and that meant the world to my little brother and his bride.

Me with my little brother and his new wife
Me with my little brother and his new wife

4 thoughts on “August 2013

    1. I agree with Tink…completely. You look beautiful (can’t believe how FAST your hair is growing either!). All you need do is smile Paula and the sun shines through your eyes. So….go smile in the mirror, I highly recommend doing it. Have just discovered this for myself…it’s kind of silly at first, but you get used to it.


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