2013 Resolutions Review

Before I write my resolutions for the New Year it seems only fitting I look back at the year past and see how I did so lets see….

1)  Complete post a day for my blog in 2013 Well what can I say we all know I failed miserably on this one but on the plus side I did learn a few things about scheduling and that if I get better organised I can easily blog daily without having to do it each day by preparing extra reviews to post ahead of time.


2)  Upgrade my blog so that I own the domain name Okay this one I did manage but then again it was fairly easy just a case of handing over the cash however one thing has annoyed me and that is that WordPress has been nagging me to renew it since September when it is not due for renewal until 7th January, do they really need our cash three months in advance?

3)  Invest in Scrivener – my trial is nearly up have had to cheat to stretch it our by using word for some early drafting Yes I did this, and I have loved it especially as Word on my new laptop seems to need to reconfigure with every use.


4)  Complete a minimum of three writing exercises per week and keep my sensory journal adding one thing per day Failed miserably on this, the sensory journal just was not something that worked for me and the writing exercises I found while some were fun others seemed a waste of precious writing time.


5)  Be more realistic about reading other blogs, accept sometime you cannot read everything no matter how much you would want to – to ensure I do this I shall clear my inbox at the end of each day I have got better at this and when everything is going well I actually do manage to pretty much keep up with reading posts but I have accepted you won’t all hate me if I miss reading the odd post.


6)  Write a minimum of 1000 words (including blog posts per day) I failed on this but was not too bothered, I joined the Magic Spreadsheet which worked really well for me until a dead laptop broke my chain I look forward to getting back into it in the New Year.


7)  Do my personal NaNo challenge in January this did not happen as I was still not physically able to sit at my desk for long enough to really try after my spinal surgery a few weeks earlier so I was not too disappointed to fail on this.


8)  Do NaNo in November – I did do NaNo if you count the fact I started it, if you judge by finishing I failed lol.  The plus side was I learnt a lot about the things that hold me back and my failings with time management.


9)  Try to find a writing group I can join up with either locally or online – Well I guess I did in that I signed up for the Writers Cafe but didn’t because I have yet to really use it.  Once again it has been a time issue with everything going on in my life.


10) Learn to believe in my writing – Oh Please! As if that is every going to happen lol

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