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Was looking through some photos today and thought I would share a few of my favourite photos I took at Chatsworth last December.  These ones are all taken in the grounds I can not wait to go back again and explore more.  The one let down was that the beautiful waterfall had been spoilt by a horrid modern sculpture which I can only describe as a primary coloured triffid, I do hope this will be gone when I return.  For those around the world who are not aware of Chatsworth it is one of the locations that is used in Pride and Prejudice and is mentioned by Jane Austen in her novel. It is the place which is alleged to have inspired her description of the fictional Pemberley.


Away Days · Tuesday Reflections

Things that go Bump in the Night

Because I only just started this blog I thought a good way for you to get to know me would be to take you back in my life occasionally, to revisit with me some of the places I have been and things I have done.  So I thought I would start with my first ghosthunt at Bolling Hall, in Bradford in the UK.  I have always had a belief in an afterlife, I also believe in reincarnation.  If forced to catagorise my beliefs I would guess Pagan is the closest but that is for another time.  I grew up watching the Hammer House of Horror films, I have always been drawn to that feeling you get when you are scared.  I love watching the various TV shows Most Haunted, TAPS, GHI so with the number of companies now offering the chance to go on a ghosthunt in January I took my chance and went along on my first ghosthunt with Prestige Paranormal.  The other half is a sceptic so I dragged him along with me. It was an exciting experience, even the other half was stumped to explain away some of the things by the end of the night.

Now don’t get me wrong it was no way as dramatic as watching on TV no one went running screaming,  Bumps and bangs were heard and at times even I sensed things and as much as I would love to have the gift it turns out I am well and truly psychically deaf.  But I did find that I could communicate using the pendulum and was fascinated to see it take on a life of its own as it responded to questions.  I also managed to catch a few things on camera.


The last one is my favourite I tried everything to create it but failed.  All the photos were taken in a series of shots the ones with the orbs were one of a number some not showing the orbs others showing it move.  It was an amazing experience and I have a couple more booked during the course of the year which I hope to share with you as they happen.

So do you believe in things that go bump in the night? Have you been on your own ghosthunts? Would love to hear your experiences.

Away Days · Tuesday Reflections

Easter Day out


Well took advantage of half decent weather today and took a trip out to a craft fair at the Piece Hall in Halifax.  My and the other half took the monster with us, a decision which I later regretted.  I love the shops in the piece hall my favourite of course being the crystal shop and my local pagan shop The Friendly Dragon.  You can see where this is going…I hardly got to look at anything, the fear of his little hands grabbing and the fact the other half can’t keep still for five minutes while I look at things.   I am sure this is a deliberate ploy by the other half to stop me spending and he almost succeeded I only bought some incense.  Sadly there were not many stalls at the fair the majority had been there the previous two days.  So after a wander round we took a quick walk round Halifax and I snapped a few pics.


Other half and the monster


I love looking at architecture wherever I go and as you will learn I prefer my buildings with some age to them.  Infact the older the better.  It is strange walking round Halifax because wherever you go you are being watched.  From almost every building faces peer down at you.  Mostly male with impressive mustaches.  The faces of those who built their fortunes with the expansion of the empire determined to ensure everyone knew of their wealth and importance.  I can not help but wonder what those unseeing eyes would say if they could comment on the the changes they have witnessed.


Couldn’t resist sneaking in todays buy I am trying as I write to work out a way to describe how it smells.  A mix of the more normal incense smells Sandalwood or Cedarwood,  but there is something else there.  The romantic in me thinks of old books, maybe the deep recesses tucked away at the back of a second hand book shop.  Something musty but pleasant. I have a feeling they will not last long then another trip will be required but do not tell anyone I may just slip away on my own next time lol




Away Days · Research · Tuesday Reflections

Clinging to the flagpole

I think you can tell a lot about people from their photos, not just those they star in but the things they chose to take photos of so on this page I want to share some of things that interest me.  This pic was taken at Warwick Castle at sunset last year in December.  The thing I was most proud of during my visit was I overcame my fear of height enough to climb up the ramparts although there is a pic of me clinging to a flag pole at the top of the highest one. Will find that and post it at some point lol

Well as promised I dug out the picture of me on the tallest tower of Warwick Castle desperately clinging to the flagpole trying to steady my nerves to look over the edge.  While it is never possible to fully research everything about a subject I do think where you can you should.  With this repeating through my head I set off up the stairs to the uppermost reaches of the ramparts.  Now first let me say I gained a new respect for those soldiers and peasants who were forced to ascend these steps to defend the castle or deliver supplies.  Fair enough the people were a lot smaller, but those twisting staircases are enough to make anyone dizzy at normal speed with their tight turns.  As you can see from my face, not the most flattering photo, my fear was genuine.  But I have to say after a few very deep breaths I did make it over to the side. The views were spectacular, and it really did give me a better idea about what it would have been like ascending those towers and overseeing your kiingdom.  ImageImageImageImage