Phone Posts

A very lazy Sunday!

You may have noticed a lack of lazy sunday post yesterday, the truth is had an incredibly lazy day, dinner was already bubbling away in the slow cooker, I can’t even honestly say what I did yesterday other than have a lie in until the cat drove me from my bed. If you follow me on social media you will have seen the cat picture which sadly I cant seem to add via the phone. Think I will post a few more cat pics later but today I shall be mainly editing.

I am just having a listen through on my natural reader app for Queen of Ages and have to say it is strange listening to the naughty passages being read by an electronic voice, totally devoid of the passion you are trying to convey lol.

So off to get on with it now and trying to pay attention to the grammar rather than laughing at the weird inflections that HazelUK puts on things, though it is better than some of the other voices I tried.