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Day 29- A song currently stuck in your head

I have all sorts of things stuck in my mind at the minute but not any songs so I had to think about which songs have stuck in my head over the last few weeks and I came up with these two, again they show the randomness of my music choices I have to say I love the first and when I do hear it not only does it get stuck in my head but requires lots of self control not to dance along

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Day 28 – A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend (if you don’t have one, make one up :])

Well lots of songs remind me of the other half most of them depend on what mood I am in with him. Now don’t get me wrong am not saying that saying ‘ I love you’ is stupid but more that my other half can be quite insecure and that can spoil the sweetest things, if he buys a surprise gift it woon’t stay a surprise because he is so anxious that it will be right and that I will like it he will literally have told me what it is before I get it, the same Valentines night he cooked me a meal – it was not brilliant but I never would have commented except he kept fussing which in the end meant rather than being able to enjoy the meal it was a rather tense after, we are in many ways complete opposites which in some ways works really well but it others can lead to clashes and that is what this song makes me think of

but on the other hand for better or worse (but without the piece of paper)

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Day 27 – A song you make fun of

I sat here staring at the screen thinking about this challenge.  There are songs that are amusing but usually there is some personal reason for the humour not always one you want to share.  There have no doubt been songs that I have made fun of down the years, or more likely artists and videos but none really sprung to mind. The only songs that I really can imagine have ever really truly mocked are those that are part of a great tradition which my American friends may never have experienced – yup you fellow Brits will have guessed it – the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST.
Now my choices are overwhelming where to start Bucks Fizz and the skirt ripping? Well no of course not I liked that one so lets pick two randomly

you have to get past the thirty second introduction on this one

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Day 26 – A song by your favourite band

Well no prizes for guessing who the first choice has to be by the only question is which song do I choose with thirty years worth of music to pick from but I think it only right I take you right back to where it all began

Then I am giving you two more because I can’t decide between them

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Day 24 – A cover song

Very rarely are cover songs ever done well, and there are some who would argue against my first choice given that it is once again my favourite band I really do love the original of this so I shall actually post both

The other is one of those genuis moments

While looking for the other I found another that I love

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Day 23 – A song that makes you angry

This actually took some thinking about.  If I don’t like a song I generally don’t listen to it long enough to get angry about it, infact really if music is getting you really angry then you shouldn’t listen to it. I had to seriously consider what winds me up and gets me annoyed, then I thought of one that really did wind me up.  In fact it got me so angry I won’t even share the offending record.  The song in question was Kim by Eminen and let me explain why I know he was young and given he got back with her after it he was just angry and acting out, but they have a child and to put a song like that out there where it will exist for ever was wrong as far as I am concerned along with the tattoo he had at the same time.  I do like some of his stuff so while I will not promote something I do not agree with will share another of his songs.

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Day 22 – A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life

Okay I have cheated so far for every one picking a couple instead of just one so why change now lol.  I would have two different songs the first would start the programme (I picked a slightly new version just because of the sound quality on you tube of the original version)

Then I would have this one to finish it on

Think both pretty much sum up the way I live my life.

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Day 21 – A song you want to dance to at your wedding

This is actually the easiest so far one is the one I would actually have have which is….

but this is the one I would have if (sorry hun) my other half could dance and would have lessons to learn to do my favourite dance.

Incase the snippet of Argentinian Tango at the start of the video whetted your appetite here is another example

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Day 20 – A song from a new album you are waiting for to come out

These are actually from albums already out I just haven’t got round to getting them yet the first is one I want the second is one the other half wants which I am really unsure about.  So my choice is Pink..

Now the next is the other halves choice, he wants the Adam Ant album now I am not sure if it is the music that puts me off or whether I am just really shallow and cannot forgive him for aging and no longer being the dashing highwayman.

Now for anyone who prefers their Ant a little on the less mature side a chance to remember just how beautiful he was as a bonus and also a glimpse of the gorgeous Diana Dors

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Day 19 – A song you’re currently obsessed with

Am I obsessed with any song at the minute, I don’t think I am what I have done is had a look at my iPod for my two most played now bear in mind I have my music on shuffle so it really does depend what mood I am in when a song starts whether I listen to the whole thing or not. So most played on my iPod comes up as…

I love the fact that the song seems to be about one thing which is sexual and fleeting yet is apparently about a deep love that transcends life and death, and I hope the Lady herself has a quick and speedy recovery from her surgery.  The second song is…