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Fragments Of The Whole

MsKatykins turn this week to post on Udolpho and I promise to reblog when she posts, although should she get started tasting wedding cake samples we may have a little wait lol So for today something different…

I am not who you see

I can not show you all I am

The fragments of which I exist

Too varied for anyone person to behold

Friend, lover, slaughterer

The contradictions within

The light displayed

The darkness contained

I smile at you while

Mentally I twist the knife deeper

The same lips that touch yours

Sound profanities in my mind

The hands that hold a child

Capable of inflicting pain

With the caress of the keys

Sometimes I smile as you speak

But it is not your voice I hear

From within me they come

These fragments who are part of me

But cannot be part of you

The curse of the writer

Is that we can never give you all

For we must protect you

From those who dwell within

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I got my fb back!!!!!

I got up this morning and logged onto fb the warning appeared and I braced myself for yet another error message but instead it brought up my home page yay!!!!! Of course I now have loads to catch up on so for days post I am cheating.  I created this a little while ago for my fb like page but have decided to bit the bullet and let you all hear my voice, the poem is one I have posted previously but I hope you all enjoy it all the same.

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Slumbers Illusion

To remain in this moment

Unfettered by reality

Souls entwined in

Symbiotic harmony

Silence not fuelled

By words of attrition

Instead savoured contentedly

To stay in this moment

Basking in the afterglow

Of your embrace

Submerged in the symmetry

Of our perfect union

Faults and flaws forgotten

In the surrender of seduction

To remain in this moment

Just a little longer

To dwell within the dream

Yet all now comes undone

As slumbers caress slips

From my eyes

To face another day.

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Waiting on the platform

I sit waiting on the platform,

I do not hear the bustle areound me.

Soon, soon you will be here,

It has been so long

Since your lips brushed mine

Since your eyes fed upon me.

Nervously I fold the ticket in my hand

A fragile slip giving me a few

Extra precious minutes

Until I take your hand

And we are one again.

The train pulls in doors open,

I do not see you in the confusion,

As people alight, mingling,

With those beginning their journey.

My heart races with panic

Until as the crowd clears

I see you, stood waiting

Eyes searching for me.

I run into your arms

And as your lips close over mine

It is I who is home.


A few of you may have noticed there was no post yesterday I will fill you in on the reasons for this tomorrow.


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I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday so I decided rather than sitting at the computer last night to sort out the notebooks as I listed on my weekly round up.  I got the poetry one all done and up to date the flash one well that may take a little longer mainly reading my own writing lol.  But I also found a few things I wrote a few years ago as part of my Access course for entry to University.  Now given yesterday was 4th of July and I know a lot of my US friends will have had more than a few beers yesterday I hope this does not resonate with anyone.  The prompt we were give was a car accident…

Liquid rubies drop to the pavement

From the tiara on your brow

As you stumble to the ground

Eyes unseeing stare ahead

In a hurry going nowhere

To be the fastest set of wheels

Too much horse power to control

You never stood a chance

Blue flashing lights illuminate

The people gathered round

As each breath gets shallower

And your life force ebbs away

Like the turning of the tide

He gets up and walks away

The innocent, the victim, the unicorn

is slain

The one who did the killing

He will drive another day

I also found a couple of short stories that I quite like the idea of reworking at some point.

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Starting a New Regime

Lately I have fallen into a habit of publishing twice a day.  And while I know this is not bad I need to change it.  As you may have noticed I have actually taken the step of signing up to the Blogs for Kindle and one of the things you have to state is the frequency of your blog.  Now I did think about hitting the multiple times per day button but then I thought about what that meant.  Would people expect dozens of posts per day?  Would they be put off at the thought of their kindle being swamped? So I opted for the daily option.  That does not mean the odd extra one might not slip in but it does mean I need to consider more sensibly my blogging schedule.  If you would like to see what my blog looks like on amazon please click the badge in the sidebar. If you would like to leave a review telling everyone how wonderful I am even better (well you can’t blame a girl for trying).  If anyone else out there that I follow has taken this option please let me know I will go post reviews on them.  I have to be honest I am not sure how effective it will be.  I tried looking through the category I entered for my blog and lets just say I gave up after a couple of dozen pages.  Maybe a few good reviews and likes will move it to a position where it can be found before the person looking clicks on something else but we will see.  I shall keep you posted as to whether anyone subscribes.

I have finally updated my blog rolls I also increased the number on show as there are so many of you out there with amazing blogs I love to visit.  I swear though I AM going to add any new blogs I follow AS SOON as I hit follow in future it was a nightmare and took far to long.  It was entirely my own fault for not being organised which make it worse as I cannot blame anyone else.

So do I have anything else for you this evening…well I do have the start of a poem in my head.  Should I proceed…oh go on then

Sunset silently slips

Beneath the gaze of moon

Slumber beckons the unwilling

As those who would rest cannot.

Standing, stalling, waiting

To find the refuge of dreams.

Seeking the solace of strangers

Connecting with life on the screen

Hiding from pain in a virtual world

Where tears pass by unseen.

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Inside The Machine

Today I was back inside the MRI machine for those who have never experienced this it is a little like being in your coffin alive but noiser.  I have become quite used to the scans by now infact I find them quite relaxing most of the time if it wasn’t so noisy I might even fall asleep in there although that could be the amount of painkillers required for me to be able to lie still in one position that long.  Today while laying there I got the idea for a few lines for a poem so I thought I would share.

Clinical white,

Sterile steel,

Self induced paralysis.

Eyes closed.

On the move.

Eyes open

Waiting, anticipating

Rapid gunfire,

Floods the senses.

Throbbing, pulsating

Invading every fibre.

Silence, ceasefire

Movement by degrees.

Mind wanders

Panic, confusion, fear.

Breathe, concentrate

Freeze your body

Resist nature

Obey technology

Close your eyes



Out again.

Out of curiousity I looked online to see what they were seeing and found this image which is pretty similar to how my spine looks, okay its actually healthier than how mine looks but hell I can still dream

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Free falling forward

Plummeting toward the earth

Reaching skyward

Before falling again

The wind tussling hair

Peals of laughter

Ring through the air

The rush of adventure

Of childhood thrills

Unhindered by knowledge

Of dangers that lurk

In the heart of each parent

As they stand and watch