Serenity Slips Away

Serenity slips away

As I remember you are gone.

The mask I wear

To hide the pain of your absence

Cracks and falls.

Crumpled corners frame your face

Smiling back

Frozen in a perfect moment in time.

Serenity slips away

When I see you in a crowd before

That pain in my heart

That crushes the illusion of you near.

Press play upon a screen

To help relive my dreams you are still here.

With eyes firmly closed

Face buried in your things I cling to sensations.

Your scent still lingers

On clothes that will never be worn again.

Only in my dreams

When you are close by me I feel

Your breath on my cheek,

Then for the shortest time

Serenity descends.

5. Friday · Poetry

Poem In Progress

A while ago I started this poem in honour of my favourite show I decided today to dig it out, I was intending working on it before publishing it however it took me so long to locate it I decided instead to share it as it is then once I have reworked it I will share again so you can compare.

Through the never ending forest
The eternal river runs.
The flame-haired Goddess
Looks down from on high
As a tired old soldier sits and
Ponders the reason why
Young lovers must be sacrificed
To quench the angels thirst
While silence fall and surrounds
The fallen warrior standing sentinel
By the box of broken dreams.
The crying child sheds diamond tears
For the man who stands alone
The ice around his heart
Cannot quell the fire in his soul
As he watches those he loves
Fall and fade, destroyed
In all of time and space
He cannot find his peace
Such is the fate
For the timeless Lord.


Free Me

Free me from myself

If I am my own master

Am I not therefore my slave?

Self flagellation of the mind and soul

Inflicts wounds deeper than any blade

Could penetrate, flay martyred flesh

Torn by the lashings of mine own tongue.

I am my own worst enemy,

And rage against any solace

I might find in my solitude.



Poetry · WIP Wednesday

Flutter By


Flit from bending stem

To bloom upturned to sun

Onwards ever moving

Too short a life to sit and wait

To fragile to fight against the wind

Instead you drift on breezes

Until the moment comes

For your turn in the sun

For your fleeting shining glory.

A - Z Challenge 2013 · Blog Challenges · Poetry

K is for a Kiss


A kiss is just a kiss or is that really true,

A kiss can be a doorway to a thousand possibilities,

A kiss can be a remembrance of so many yesterdays.

A kiss can bond two souls as one or tear them wide apart.

A kiss can be pure and chaste a symbol of pure love

Or a kiss can be sensual, filled with passion

A beginning for so much more.

A kiss can be so many things but the truth be told

The only thing a kiss can never be

Is just a kiss.

Photo Friday · Poetry



No beginning nor end,

Recreation in chasms

Of fire and ice,

Death and rebirth

Continuously merged,

A thousand regenerations

In a Heartbeat.

From darkest depths

To illuminated heights

Serene silence

To cataclysmic cacophony

Cleansed by cascades

Of crystal tears

Content to simply






Poetry · Questioning the World · So it's Saturday

In Memorium

Charlie Harris-Beard

25/06/2010 – 8/02/2013

RIP Little Man


In the arms of the Goddess

Sits a small and broken child.

His heart heavy with sadness

For the pain of those left behind.

As she strokes his furrowed brow

She softly explains his plight.

That the pain would fade in time

But that from him a beacon shone

That travelled round the globe.

His legacy of love and light

And courage would be known.

As her hand swept over him

His illness washed away

That he should wait pain free

And lovingly watch over those

Whom he would see again.

The value of a life is not

Judged in terms of years

But the hearts that it has touched

The love it has endeared.

And if you doubt my son

The mark you left

Look down upon the world

And see the lights that flicker

The lights to guide you home.

In my arms you shall remain

Kept safe until the day

That your mummy comes

To take your hand and

Your family re-unite.

Photo Friday · Poetry

In Loving Memory

desk (384)

For my friend Stuart in remembrance of his sister Patricia who passed this week

As the sun sets on another day

I must come to terms

Accept you went away.

That the remembrance of your smile

Now brings a tear,

That the sound of your voice,

I can no longer hear.

So many things left unsaid

Now drift around inside my head.

Did you know how special you were?

Could you realise the void you would leave?

In a whisper I hear you say

I have not gone I am here to stay

While I live in your heart I shall never leave

And in you and my family

I shall live on for eternity.


In Response to Skank/Goddess (not a nice girl)

(Written in response to Susan Daniels poem which you can read here Skank/Goddess (not a nice girl) I don’t normally write in response to other peoples posts but the image she created has stayed with me all day demanding my attention so I hope Susan like this)

Warrior queen from another life,

Her Chevy chariot responding,

Horse power controlled

By stiletto heel.

Tribal markings delineate

The path she should but

Could not tread.

Fuelled by vengeance for

for one final time.

Talons claw through hide

As she swerves increasing speed.

Her wrath demands satisfaction

For the insult she percieves.

A heart that offered so much

Now sacrificed for uncaring gods.

From ancient lore she now

Takes her lead.

An eye for an eye

Heart for a heart

The ritual offering imbibed

For strength.

Numbs the mind and

Steadys the hand.

And as she looks down

Upon her fallen foe

He bleeds out

Yet it is she who

Dies a little more inside.

Photo Friday · Poetry

Break of Day

Let me hear once more the morning song,

Serenade me from my dreams.

Let cares drift away through shaded gaze,

With the break of day.

Every moment savoured with the promise

Of new horizons to be breached.

Nothing left for granted nor certainty bequeathed

With the break of day.

Though fate controls my destiny the future

My path already laid.

Each day I pray my faith be renewed

With the break of day.

And though the Mother calls me home

Into her loving arms.

For precious time my gratitude grows

With the break of day.