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A Year Passed

Tomorrow is the anniversary of little Charlie gaining his angel wings and heading off to play amongst the stars, I decided to post today rather than tomorrow on this because it was at this time on the Friday last year I was sat writing at the computer and decided to have a break and mess about on Facebook for an hour before I had to get read for work.

A little after 2pm came a heartbreaking message from Ellie Charlie’s big sister that surrounded by his loving family Charlie had been released from the pain he had fought through for so long and was at peace.  For his family their pain was only just beginning, I cannot imagine the pain of saying goodbye, of birthday candle left unlit, an empty chair at Christmas, for Fiona, Joey and Ellie it was the first day of the rest of their lives, but they will always be days with one special person missing.  In his memory they have gone on to set up a charity Cords4Life in an attempt to ensure no other parents share their pain.  They have done his memory proud and created a Legacy which will carry on for years to come.

And what did Charlie teach me?  Never to give up, that no matter how hard things get that determination will carry you further than you ever thought possible.  That life is too short to settle for anything, that if you are not happy then you should make changes to take control of your own destiny where you can.  And that what is really important is making every day as special as it can be, you never know how many tomorrows there will be.

When children face death they do it with a dignity, resilience and spirit we adults can learn so much from, they never give up fighting to the last breath because they never learnt to quit.  If you need to see real strength of character look into the eyes of a child who has fought for their lives, those old eyes in young faces show the truths we would all do well to learn.



Serenity Slips Away

Serenity slips away

As I remember you are gone.

The mask I wear

To hide the pain of your absence

Cracks and falls.

Crumpled corners frame your face

Smiling back

Frozen in a perfect moment in time.

Serenity slips away

When I see you in a crowd before

That pain in my heart

That crushes the illusion of you near.

Press play upon a screen

To help relive my dreams you are still here.

With eyes firmly closed

Face buried in your things I cling to sensations.

Your scent still lingers

On clothes that will never be worn again.

Only in my dreams

When you are close by me I feel

Your breath on my cheek,

Then for the shortest time

Serenity descends.

5. Friday · Poetry

Poem In Progress

A while ago I started this poem in honour of my favourite show I decided today to dig it out, I was intending working on it before publishing it however it took me so long to locate it I decided instead to share it as it is then once I have reworked it I will share again so you can compare.

Through the never ending forest
The eternal river runs.
The flame-haired Goddess
Looks down from on high
As a tired old soldier sits and
Ponders the reason why
Young lovers must be sacrificed
To quench the angels thirst
While silence fall and surrounds
The fallen warrior standing sentinel
By the box of broken dreams.
The crying child sheds diamond tears
For the man who stands alone
The ice around his heart
Cannot quell the fire in his soul
As he watches those he loves
Fall and fade, destroyed
In all of time and space
He cannot find his peace
Such is the fate
For the timeless Lord.

5. Friday · Fan Girl Friday

The Eleventh Hour!



I did debate whether to actually do these in order but decided against it after all very few Who fans will have ever watched every single episode in order initially so I shall use Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey and jump back and forth.

Today I am going to look at a newer episode The Eleventh Hour which sees us introduced to the 11th Doctor which seems fitting as in only a few weeks we know he will play the role for the final time.

Story Title; The Eleventh Hour


the Eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith


Amy Pond played by Karen Gillan

First Aired in the UK:

“The Eleventh Hour” was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One on 3 April 2010. Overnight figures reported that 8 million watched the episode on BBC One and the simulcast on BBC HD. Final consolidated figures rose to 9.59 million on BBC One and 494,000 on BBC HD, making the final rating for the episode 10.08 million viewers, the most-watched première since “Rose” and the eighth highest rated episode since Doctor Whos 2005 return. The episode was second for the entire week on BBC One and number four for the week across all channels. The episode earned an Appreciation Index of 86, considered “excellent”.

The episode was also popular on BBC’s online iPlayer. Within one week of broadcast, “The Eleventh Hour” received 1.27 million hits on BBC’s online iPlayer service, the record for most requests in a week. It went on to become the most requested episode of 2010 with 2.241 million views; Doctor Who was named the most watched programme of the year on the service.  Stats taken from Wikipedia


The Trailer;

The Story

We ended the previous series with the Tenth Doctors obvious pain at his impending regeneration, many people have divided opinions about whether it was tear jerking or whiny but either way Matt Smith’s comic genius in this episode was the perfect antidote.  There are times where some of the lines do sound a little like the were written for the previous Doctor but overall he imposes his personality onto the role within minutes of climbing out of the wrecked Tardis.  His first human contact is with a little girl Amelia Pond who has something living in her house.  He sets off to take a quick hop to the future but returns years later to find Amelia has grown into Amy, a feisty young lady determined not to take any nonsense.  The monster living in her house can take the form of any person with whom it has formed a bond,


We also see Rory in this episode but there is no hint of his role in episodes to come.  In fact at the end of this episode Amy does the same as Rose and runs off with the Doctor leaving her poor boyfriend behind, not a trait which endeared Rose to me.

I could spend ages discussing this episode in depth but I don’t want to it was a great romp and this clip shows Smith firmly gripping the Doctor mantle

But for this episode I want to talk about something very important to Doctor Who and that is family, the show was designed for family viewing (though some older who fans seem to have forgotten this now and believe it is made solely for their benefit) and in my house this episode marked not only a new Doctor but a new viewer.  My daughter, all grown up was a definite Tennant fan girl, who was determined not to watch it (that didn’t last long and she fell for Smiths Doctor just as much) but my own little monster was at an age where he was beginning to really take notice of things and he fell in love with the show.  For him Smith was his first Doctor and though he loves all the Doctors except number Six but you can’t really blame him for that, he does prefer the new series.  There are so few programmes you can all sit down to and watch as a family where you can all take equal enjoyment from but more than that there is something so heart warming about the first time your child learns to love something you love rather than you just watching along with kids TV.  The monster and I have hours of fun playing with Doctor Who toys, reading his magazines and books, watching episodes together, we even went to The National Media Museum for a Doctor Who day out.  we have been to watch the 50th special at the cinema together and in doing so have shared a part of history.

Fandom is great but sharing your passion with those you love means even more, I know there will probably come a day where the monster decides it isn’t ‘cool’ to watch Who but I know that I have given him a gift that in years to come he will come back to and one day he will sit with his arm round his own little monsters as they watch Daleks exterminate.

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Doctor Who – Right back to the start



Now it may seem strange putting up the phrase spoilers on a programme that has stretched back 50 years but I am aware when discussing the older stories there may be some people who have not seen them.  The older series many stories were told over 4-6 episodes so I will briefly discuss each episode then an overview of the story as a whole.

I decided that the best place to start would be at the beginning, the format of these review is still a work in progress so please bear with me, all feed back welcome as always.

Story Title; An Unearthly Child


the First Doctor played by William Hartnell


Susan Foreman played by Carole Ann Ford

Barbara Wright played by Jacqueline Hill

Ian Chesterton played by William Russell

First Aired in the UK;

Episode Broadcast date Run time Viewers
(in millions)
An Unearthly Child 23 November 1963 23:24 4.4
The Cave of Skulls 30 November 1963 24:26 5.9
The Forest of Fear 7 December 1963 23:38 6.9
The Firemaker 14 December 1963 24:22 6.4
Barbara, Susan, the Doctor and Ian
Barbara, Susan, the Doctor and Ian

Episode 1; An Unearthly Child

We begin with the two teachers, Ian and Barbara, from the school which Susan has attending becoming suspicious about the girl and her erratic knowledge base, highly intelligent in some aspects get incredibly naive in others Susan has not quite managed to fully integrate herself unnoticed into life as a teenage girl.  She loves the music and the twentieth century yet it is in the details her ‘otherness’ shows through her inability to grasp old money, and some of the more basic concepts of social interactions give her away and this failed with a down slide in her homework standards lead to Barbara decides to visit her home.  Unable to find the address the school have for her she enlists the help of Ian to follow Susan home with the intention of talking to her grandfather however instead of a house they find themselves outside a junk yard.

I want to keep the clips to a minimum but as this was the first glimpse we get of the Doctor I could not resist we also get our first look inside the TARDIS.  Although we now are familiar with the idea of the TARDIS it is worth stopping and considering just how different this was to anything else at the time of its broadcast. Spaceships and time travel were of course well documented topics in literary works as well as in film but the idea of something existing in different dimensions was as far as I am aware unheard of.  The choice of the Police Box for the ship was am amazing choice as it took the ordinary and created something extraordinary.

It is worth mentioning here that in trying to be impartial rather than just the squealing fan girl that I do think in many ways unless you are already a Who fan you are not going to fall in love with the series from this episode if you watch it as your first episode today.  By today’s standards the camera work seems clumsy and the picture quality is poor although the BBC are showing a restored version as part of the 50th celebrations.  The other failing is really the story line.  Strange girl gets followed home from school by two teachers who would in today’s climate be reported for stalking her, follow her to a junk yard where she appears to be living and confront her grumpy old granddad.  In any other genre this would be the point social services were called instead they force their into her home and are shocked by what they find.  The episode ends with the Doctor setting the ship in flight after refusing to allow Ian and Barbara to leave and they land on what appears to be a strange beach.  The cliff hanger ending lacks impact compared to many of those modern viewers are used to,

Episode 2; The Cave of Skulls

I need to keep the summaries briefer for the next episodes or it will be a ridiculously long post lol so here goes

We start with a group of cavemen arguing about making fire and failing.  Lots of shouting, and political squabbling about leadership.

Meanwhile in the TARDIS the Doctor is arguing with Ian about the possibility they have travelled anywhere before opening the doors to reveal the prehistoric landscape.  Once outside the Doctor notices that the TARDIS has failed to camouflage itself to blend into the environment.   Susan, Barbara and Ian explore together while the Doctor wonders off to take samples, the Doctor disappears and Susan has hysterics before they go looking for him.

The Doctor is held captive by the tribesmen as they fight for leadership, the others are captured as the search for the Doctor and before long are reunited in captivity.  We leave them prisoners in a cave surrounded by skulls that have evidently met with a violent ending.

Episode 3; The Forest of Fear

After a little plotting and squabbling our intrepid travellers work out how to escape from the cave, Barbara nearly gives them away by screaming about a dead wild boar which is rather amusing considering where they had just escaped from. We do begin to get character building in this episode revealing the main characters personalities more possibly because they are isolated for most of the episode.

When the leader of the tribe is attacked they rush to his aid and lose their chance to escape.

Episode 4; The Firemaker

We open with a view of the Tardis surrounded by savages before seeing our daring explorers dragged back to the caves.  The Doctor tries to re-establish the power balance within the tribe and actually instigates the stoning of one character to drive him from the tribe which is rather a disturbing image when you consider what the Doctor has come to represent in later years.  They are thrown back into the caves, and discovered making fire, eventually they make there escape and return to the Tardis.

Overall view;

This was a brilliant opening story for the series, it is worth bearing in mind that the actual intention of the series was still being tweaked and was intended to provide an element of historical education as part of the programme so heading back to the primitive beginnings of man was apt in more ways than one.


Book Reviews · Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday – Book Review – The Spear of Destiny By Marcus Sedgwick


I decided to take a break from writing fiction on Fridays and indulge my fan girl side and concentrate on my Sunday Story and writing for publication.

So today we continue with the next in the special 50th Anniversary Kindle series and the third Doctor


Now once again it is hard to really discuss the story without giving too much away simply because these are novellas rather than full novels but we can look at the characters involved.


The characterisation of the Doctor (played on TV by Jon Pertwee) and his companion Jo Grant (played by Katie Manning) is consistent with the TV episodes I have seen but I have to make a confession here I have not watched the Third Doctor as much as I have watched the others.  This is not because I dislike him as a Doctor but I grew up knowing the actor for the major role he played…

index worzel

I have to say I have listened to a couple of episodes rather than actually watching them and I do find it easier to see him as the Doctor without him actually in front of me (strange I know) so this was a perfect way for me to enjoy a third Doctor story,  Jo Grant I love, it can appear to a casual viewer her primary role was to get into trouble and be rescued but one closer inspection you can see she if often subtly the reason for the Doctors success.

The real bonus about this book is the baddie, in the first two book from the series the alien threat was posed by less well known races but in this third story The Master makes his presence know.


It is interesting to note that I had no trouble visualising the older incarnation of The Master played by Roger Delgado rather than the more recent John Simms portrayal.  I think both actors played the roles wonderfully but I do also feel they both are tied to the Doctor’s they played opposite and I could not imagine them in each others story lines.

Overall 5 out of 5 for the third book and the third Doctor onwards now to the fourth.


Free Me

Free me from myself

If I am my own master

Am I not therefore my slave?

Self flagellation of the mind and soul

Inflicts wounds deeper than any blade

Could penetrate, flay martyred flesh

Torn by the lashings of mine own tongue.

I am my own worst enemy,

And rage against any solace

I might find in my solitude.



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Stories and Lists July Blog Challenge 2013 – Day 31: Write a flash fiction piece involving your fictional character, your hero and your villian

Day 31: Write a flash fiction piece involving your fictional character, your hero and your villain


Matthew hoisted the camera higher, the blaze was raging despite the valiant efforts of the firefighters.  They had got everyone out and it would be easy for him to walk away but if the fire spread the whole block could go up leaving hundreds of people homeless.  different possible solutions raced through his mind each dismissed as impossible to pass off without drawing attention to the fact greater forces were at play.  For the first time in a long while Matthew was stumped, he could see no way to quell the flames.

She looked down as she did so often, her eyes flitting across the continents nothing engaging her thoughts, nothing worthy of her time.  A famine in one land, a flood in another, once she would have interjected, sent rain to water crops, sun to dry the pools but now she did nothing.  Orlando stood watching her, he thought she was unaware of his presence but she knew he loitered in the shadows waiting as always but she felt neither the inclination to encourage or banish him.  If she concentrated hard enough she could summon the memory of what it was to feel but it required so much effort and rewarded her only with pain she seldom indulged the whim.  Then she heard him.

His voice travelled through the air and whispered in her mind as he tried to find a way to save the buildings, she had heard telepathic voices before but they had been nothing more than murmurs, this voice was different though still quiet the tone was urgent and demanding.  She followed the signal back and saw him she sensed his turmoil, could feel the power bubbling beneath the surface caged by his desire to remain unnoticed.  With a flick of her fingers thunder cloud gathered above the blaze and the downpour begun.

She watched as the people who had been watching the fire fighters battle the flames ran for cover until only he remained, staring skyward as if searching for her silently thanking which ever deity had intervened.

The flames fought against the onslaught but gradually smoke was replaced by steam and the threat of more harm averted.  She closed her eyes and willed herself down, down into the restrictive human form, down through the air and the clouds until she felt the earth beneath her feet.  Like a moth to a flame she was drawn to him, fascinated by the secrets he held so close to his heart.  She had deliberately arrived out of sight, she knew that the other mortals would not notice her appearance but she was uncertain as to what he could sense.

Orlando watched as she moved towards the human, torn by his desire to come between them, to claim her as his own and the realisation that for the first time in many many moons there was fire in her eyes.  It would be so easy to strike the feeble mortal down now where he stood but then what?  Watch her fade once more, diminish until nothing but an echo remained.  For now he must stay his hand until the fire within her heart blazed with strength enough to consume the mortal then he would step forth and take his rightful place by her side.

As she approached the sodden man Orlando turned away before his resolve could be tested.

Matthew stood watching the woman walk towards him his feet firmly rooted as if he had lost the ability to move.  Something about her entranced him, he had a feeling they had met before despite the fact he knew they had not, he would have remembered.  He stared straight into her eyes as she drew closer until her body pressed against him.  She was almost as tall as he was and it only required the slightest tilt of the head for her lips to meet his, he felt a warmth flood through ever fibre of his being and knew nothing would ever be quite the same again.

Poetry · WIP Wednesday

Flutter By


Flit from bending stem

To bloom upturned to sun

Onwards ever moving

Too short a life to sit and wait

To fragile to fight against the wind

Instead you drift on breezes

Until the moment comes

For your turn in the sun

For your fleeting shining glory.

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K is for a Kiss


A kiss is just a kiss or is that really true,

A kiss can be a doorway to a thousand possibilities,

A kiss can be a remembrance of so many yesterdays.

A kiss can bond two souls as one or tear them wide apart.

A kiss can be pure and chaste a symbol of pure love

Or a kiss can be sensual, filled with passion

A beginning for so much more.

A kiss can be so many things but the truth be told

The only thing a kiss can never be

Is just a kiss.