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WIP Wednesday – Week One 2019

Hello and welcome to the revamped WIP Wednesday, I used to do this when I first started but somewhere along the way I got rather lost. So I am taking this back to basics and each week I will fill you in on the projects I am working on though of course the amount of detail you get will depend on how far along I am.

Project 0ne

This is a short story for a charity anthology, this is in the final stages of editing and is a holiday romance. I have to say I found it quite difficult, as you will all know love and romance are not my normal main plots in a story so it was challenging resisting the urge to slaughter everyone.

Project Two

Another short story for a charity anthology, this again is for a charity anthology and is quite taxing, it has a dark, twisted undercurrant and deals woth disturbing subjects but is more realism than my usual fantasy which is making me push myself in different ways. The base plot for the story was one I wrote for a different anthology which was never published and fits very well with the required subject for this anthology.

Project Three

Is yet another short story, this is the first story for my Patreon, normally I will only have two projects running at once, however, because the first two have run over from last year I am having to work hard these first few weeks. I will confess that at this minute I am still undecided if all the stories will be a the same genre or just in a similar vein. I was initially thinking of making this double up as eventually eing the second volume of ghost stories but it may be that I make is more of a general horror genre, I would like to tie in some of the stories with the month they appear in so we shall see.

Project Four

This is the novel I am working on currently The Role Of The Dice, I am really loving this story and will elaborate on it more next week once I have at least one less project to tell you about but for this week I will share a graphic for it…

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WIP Wednesday – Finding a balance.

The book is out a couple of copies have been sold, now the nervous wait for reviews to come in and the hope someone likes what you have written.  So far no loans through the KDP programme or Kindle Unlimited and I do wonder if it is the lack of reviews which make a difference there or whether I have not got the labels and tags right, time will tell on that and if there have been no bites after a couple of weeks I might consider seeing what I can change.

It has become a fine balancing act between promoting the book and annoying friends by filling their newsfeeds with it. The thing is I know the more books I get out the more following for them I build up the less I will need to post that goes on my personal Fb page rather than my author page but for now at least there is not much I can do and I guess anyone who gets really upset me is probably not a friend who wishes me success.

Next up of course while still doing promotions for Disintegration is getting Voices back on the front burner a process which I have begun already by sorting out the pile of paper stashed on my desk for the last few weeks.

So of course the links…

Amazon.com             Amazon.co.uk

If you want a print copy and your branch of Amazon does not carry it please contact me


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WIP Wednesday – Dragon’s Rule!

I haven’t done an actual Award post for a while but this one dropped in my comments last week and I decided you know what lets go for it so…


I mean it has a dragon so how could I resist!

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  2. Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  3. Give 7 facts about yourself.

So first things first a huge thank you to Ravyn Whyt at Random Acts of Writing you can check out her lists here and learn more about her and the others she nominated.

Now 7 things about me that you don’t already know, well instead I decided to tell you seven thing I have learnt about myself through the self publishing process…

1) I could have a degree in procrastination, the closer I got to finishing the harder I found it to actually focus on the task at had.

2) Despite my bravado I have very little confidence when it comes to my own abilities and am actually now bracing myself for a stream of negative comments once people read my stories.

3) I realise the last one is irrelevant because I do not believe anyone will actually read my stories unless they know me and are trying to make me feel better.

4) I am becoming convinced I should go into PR rather than writing because I am pretty sure I can plan an awesome book launch if I put my mind to it but not as sure about producing the book itself.

5) Over the last twenty plus years I have suffered depression on and off, basically ever since post natal depression following my daughters birth, I am very good at recognising the signs of its approach and taking evasive action. I know compared to the black dogs that stalk others mine is generally more like the andrex puppy version but every now and again it grows fangs and turns into a huge hound, my grandmas death and the end of my relationship triggered that response.  I know I hid it well and only a few people very close to me would have known the signs but while in its grip I found writing almost impossible, especially Voices with its obvious themes of death and afterlife, writing Disintegration became my therapy, and while I wanted it to be longer than it is, I had to accept some of my work in it was just not good enough. (Don’t worry the demons are back to chasing rolls of toilet tissue once more)

6) I have found an extra strength in admitting my failings to myself and accepting them and where previously it would have defeated me I have now learnt that because I cannot do something today does not mean I cannot do anything today and that I will not be able to do whatever I set my mind to tomorrow.

7) I make the mistake of looking at other people projects that diminish my confidence further simply because they are so awesome for example, this trailer is for my FB friend Claire’s latest project, it has absolutely nothing in common with my own stuff but I find my self thinking I will never manage anything this awesome

Now who to pass this to? Rubs hands together, lets see who has been quiet for a while…

1) Rhonda

2) Heidi

3) Emily

4) Actually you!!!! If you are reading this and have a blog then you have also been nominated, after all the fact you are reading this proves your loyalty 😀



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WIP Wednesday – Keeping the motivation going.

First up if you want to check out the resolution round up for May you can do so by clicking here.

One of my major issues is seeing things through to the end, I write a story then things either go wrong or it just gets to the editing stage and I lose momentum.  As much as I want to finish a project my mind has finished with it and wants to move on to the next, it does not want to carry on doing the tedious work of editing.  I know if I exert myself and become even semi successful this will get easier, once I start to make money back I can look at hiring editors and getting help with that part or the process.  My daughter was helping with it at one point but she has a full time job and life of her own and that has to be her priority I would not have it any other way though of course I would love to be able to hire her as my editor full time there is very little chance of that ever happening.

Voices is proving extremely hard to finish, I have lost stories that were completed, some of which I have printed off and am in the process of editing as I type them up, others require more or less a full rewrite from skeleton outlines of stories.  I know I will get there and I am forcing myself to persevere.  The one thing I have done is to begin working on two projects at a time rather than one, now by that I do not mean two novels at a time, rather while working on Voices I am also working on Disintegration and swapping between the two when I find myself hitting a wall with one.  Once Disintegration in completed I will alternate with a bonus short story of a different genre for submission to journals.

I am feeling very positive still even though at times it is easy to feel like I am climbing a mountain wearing flip flops but I know I will get there.

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Rebooting the year!


Monday was one of the hardest days of my life so far as I said farewell to my grandma, the funeral went off well and the service was lovely.  After a day of reflection it is time for me now to press on and concentrate on the future.  I stayed at my grans house the night before the funeral and it hit me then that she was really gone, it is the little things, an empty chair, no cup with a tea bag in sat next to the kettle.  I am saddened she will never get to read my writing but then again the last few years she would not have been able to anyway plus when she did read it was always Mills  Boon romances, not sure what she would have thought of the genres in which I write but she would have been proud nevertheless.

So today after I finish writing this I will head off to the day job but tonight I will focus and spend a couple of hours working on the projects I have going, getting ready for publication in a few months. I also made a step forward in terms of self belief and submitted a flash fiction to a quarterly competition that has a small cash prize.  While I really do not expect to actually win it has been a big step forward to me to actually hit the submit button and put more faith in my abilities.

So just a short post today mainly as I seem to have misplaced half my belongings at the minute as I also got it into my head to begin spring cleaning the house so fingers crossed I can find my work clothes lol

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Writing Vs Reading.


As you all know as well as writing I am a book lover, I love reading but recently I am finding it harder and harder to not only fit in reading but to focus on other peoples words.


This was my TBR pile last christmas rather than reducing it continues to grow and the number of actual books I have read this year is less than it has ever been before.

My problem is I always used books as a way to relax, they were new worlds in which to disappear and be absorbed by but now when I sit down and pick up a book my mind races away to the worlds which I am creating, constantly new stories, plot twists for ones I am writing spring to my mind and the book in my hand remains unread.  I would love to be able to switch off and just enjoy a book once more, but instead if I manage to focus on the words on the page before me my mind questions each choice the author has made, would I have had that character do or say that? 

Don’t get me wrong there are still certain authors whose judgement I never question I just stand in awe of them, two of them I have added to the new fangirl tab above,  but they are few and far between though thankfully I have new books to look forward to from both of the two named authors. 

So the question for my writer friends, how do you switch your brain off in order to just enjoy you reading? Do you still read for pleasure rather than research?  Do you find some authors easier to immerse yourselves in than others?

Please leave so answers in the comments would love to know if I am alone in this.

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Voices Across The Void


Voices drift across the void

Calling out to home,

To those they left beyond the veil,

Next to whom they roam.

Silent pleas unheard by most

Witnessed by a few

Beyond the void they wait to be

Re-united with their loves.

Occasionally the veil slips

And through it they may pass.

For a moment worlds collide

Time stands still and waits.

You feel a deathly hush,

Then a message from

The one you love is finally


The voices from across the void

Are not all to be feared

Yet should you chose

Not to hear…

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Eeekkk Here We Go The Cover Reveal

Well you have been teased with storylines and extracts so I suppose the next tease is to show you the amazing cover the wonderful Mel over at Melchelle Designs created for me.  So without further ado here it is….


I know it has been a long time coming but it shall be out next month hopefully both as an ebook and in print through createspace…watch this space for details.

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Despite the fact I have good intentions for the ghost story collection I have stalled on writing it.  The last few days I have done some soul-searching as to the reason and I think I know why now.

I originally intended it to consist of ten stories but the idea for different stories kept coming to me then the other week I posted a flash fiction based on one of the ideas I had dismissed which everyone seemed to love and think should be made into something more.  While praise is of course wonderful it made me question the stories I had chosen to put in and those consigned to the sidelines.

The solution now seems to me to cut back the number of stories to the original ten and save the rest for a second volume.  Since I reached a decision on this the task has become far less daunting though I still am hovering over one or two stories and whether they should be included in this first collection.  I do now at least feel I can get back to work on it without having to ignore new ideas that spring up.

To get my mind back in the right frame of mind I have been watching a few ghost films and programmes I thought I would share a couple of clips from what I have been watching.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/od_XDxlOlUw&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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Tag You it!!!

The delightful Maddie over at Breezy Books has tagged me in a new game you can read her post here.

The challenge is “The idea is to locate the word ‘look’ in whatever manuscript you have lying around (I may be paraphrasing here) and post the few previous and following paragraphs and then invite other authors to do the same.”

So off I wandered to have a quick look….

As the elevator halted Priscilla lost her balance, the heels that she wore as part of her daily corporate uniform failed her, sending her forward through the air. Instinctively she reached out grasping Tyler’s arm to steady herself, as soon as she regained her equilibrium she pulled her hand back as if the cloth of his suit had burnt her hand.

“Sorry” She found herself apologizing despite the fact he had turned to her and smiled.

“Not a problem, are you okay?”

“Yes it just caught me off guard, I just hope it isn’t stuck for too long.” She reached out her hand to the control panel hitting each button hoping that it would spur the elevator to movement. She reached finally for the alarm button pressing it several times before a voice crackled into the intercom explaining there was a power cut, an accident in the street had hit a power cable it would be back up as soon as the cable company arrived.

She stepped back aware there was nothing they could do but sit back and wait. She looked around at the steel walls, wondering how long she would be able to bear being in here. Tyler seemed to sense her unease and turned to face her loosening his tie, he began complaining he would not make the ball game he was heading to that evening if they were held up long. She was aware he was trying to pass the time and distract her from the fact they could be trapped for hours but as he spoke she found herself drifting off contemplating what it would be like to feel his lips against hers. She made the effort to return his conversation all the time taking in each of his features, the lines that appeared round the corner of his eyes when he smiled made her realize he was perhaps a few years older than she had believed previously. She had thought him in his mid twenties, too young to consider for anything more than a fling, not that she would have considered having one she quickly reminded herself.

She was becoming aware of the walls closing in on her, she could feel herself growing warm and feel her heart pounding in her chest. She felt it was beating so loudly surely he must hear it, she slipped her jacket from her shoulder, her eyes now leaving him and flitting round looking for an escape route from the shrinking metal cage which encased them. His words were muted now as if they were coming to her through water, she could see concern spread across his face and his arm reaching for her. She felt herself falling then dull pain as she met the floor before everything went dark.

In the darkness she saw streams of blood running down the elevator walls she ran between them pounding on the cold hard metal as she screamed for help. She knew she was not alone a figure stood watching her. It did not move or speak just stood watching, she flew at it now pounding her fists against the unyielding flesh. She felt strong hands grasp her wrists, holding her, restricting her movement

Okay so thats my bit taken from one of the ghost stories I am working on, lets see who is next up…

M.S. Fowle

The View Outside

“The Light-Bearer Series” Novelist, Emily Guido

Hunter’s Writing