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My Dream Library

I am sure I have done a post on this before but I cannot find it and lets face it we all love a good library. Whatever our dreams are the reality is for most of us the most we can hope for is a home office, somewhere practical to work undisturbed like this..

Reality check

When I close my eyes and dream about my perfect room it looks more like this..

Of course I wouldn’t need all those sofa’s as no one else would be allowed in

or this…



I love the dark wood and the huge fireplace

Maybe this one..

A little too light in colour to be my idea of perfection

or this…

the ceilings here are amazing aswell as all that lovely dark wood

But aswell as floor to ceiling bookshelves, and a huge fireplace and a couple of strategically placed comfy chairs and sofas there is one other very important element in my dream library…

a huge desk is essential

Now I quite like this one but doubt it will be up for sale at any point in my lifetime lol…

I wonder if there is a big red button hidden under it?

But more realistically I would ideally love something like this..

How brilliant is this!

I love this one aswell and love the matching chair..


Just about perfect

Of course we need the perfect house in which to have our perfect library and I recently realised that Disney have actually designed mine for me…

My dream home

I don’t know what it says about me that a haunted mansion would be my dream home would even be quite happy with the graveyard in the back garden as long as there was still room for the stables.

Just incase any of you don’t have children and therefore may have missed the film or a trip to disney world for the ride (I would go but it would depress me too much having to leave lol) here is the trailer and the house I would love to own…








Flights of Fancy · Tuesday Reflections

Terrible Tuesday

Well today it is dark, grey and very wet here in Huddersfield.  I just got a soaking heading to the post office so I am curled up on the bed watching the worst Amityville based film I think I have ever watched. Just incase you see it in the store and are tempted like I was it is this one…

It is so bad it will not even be getting a review I am about half an hour in and actually hoping this annoying family get killed very soon.  Infact if I wasn’t so comfy I would get up and change the DVD over.

I am working to schedule posts for the week I will be in hospital, it would be so easy to cheat and schedule a week of reblogs or youtube clips but so far am doing okay at filling the posts.

I know some of you will have been expecting a Udolpho post today but the reality is both MsKatykins and I are having hectic real lives at the minute soooo If MsKatykins agrees I think that our reviews my take a break until after my surgery.

Okay I really need to change this film it is doing my head in think of a mix between the Blair Witch style of filming and a b-horror movie and you just about have it throw in annoying characters and you are there.

Hope your tuesday goes better than mine started.

Flights of Fancy · Tuesday Reflections


Today I am cranky!  There are no more fitting words to describe my mood.  My cold which knocked me out last week still lurks doing just enough to be annoying without me actually being ill.  My little boy has decided 6 am is the perfect time to use mummy’s bed as a trampoline.  The puppy thinks he is a cat and that he should be allowed to lay on the windowsill despite the fact each time he does it he pulls the curtain rail down.  And to top it all off I had to have blood taken for some tests today.  I am not a wimp honest but my pathetic veins ensure this process is always stressful and quite often painful.  Right now the monster and I along with the two dogs are piled on my bed watching Alice in Wonderland.

I can’t help wondering what I would find down my rabbit hole should I choose to fall into it.  I certainly today can’t see it being full of fluffy white rabbits, even on a good day I have a fear of them.  My sister had one trained to attack me I jest not, my left hand still bears the scar of trying to feed the brute when she went on holiday once thirty years ago.  I have a feeling there would be dogs, but they would probably ignore what I say aswell.

I would like to think there would be wolves, not those of Disney myth big and bad but fiercely loyal pack animals, and of course as its my rabbit hole they would accept me completely.  I think most of the beasts down my rabbit hole would be mythical, a world of unicorns, griffins and of course dragons.  It would be a land of woodland glades, meadows and abandoned castles. Though today there would be dark clouds and thunderstorms in my rabbit hole most days would be sun filled, and I would lay basking in the grass as the sun beat down upon me.

Now the question is what lurks down your rabbit hole?

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Fragments Of The Whole

MsKatykins turn this week to post on Udolpho and I promise to reblog when she posts, although should she get started tasting wedding cake samples we may have a little wait lol So for today something different…

I am not who you see

I can not show you all I am

The fragments of which I exist

Too varied for anyone person to behold

Friend, lover, slaughterer

The contradictions within

The light displayed

The darkness contained

I smile at you while

Mentally I twist the knife deeper

The same lips that touch yours

Sound profanities in my mind

The hands that hold a child

Capable of inflicting pain

With the caress of the keys

Sometimes I smile as you speak

But it is not your voice I hear

From within me they come

These fragments who are part of me

But cannot be part of you

The curse of the writer

Is that we can never give you all

For we must protect you

From those who dwell within

Flights of Fancy · Tuesday Reflections

Flight of Fancy

Today day my travels are mental rather than physical Marion Green over at Creative Noodling set up a few question so I though I would let my mind wonder and answer them you can check out Marions answers here

In order to have any wish granted would you sleep with someone you weren’t attracted to?
I should say no, and for my own personal gain I would never do it but sometimes you don’t know what the wish would be, a few years ago my son lay fighting for his life at 7 months old and if I had been offered the choice then with the guarentee the wish would make him better you better believe i would have done it, I would have sold my soul to the devil at that moment.


What’s your favorite chick flick?
I am not a huge film fan give me the book any day but if I had to pick one it would be Breakfast at Tiffany’s if that counts as a chick flick!


Would you rather date a famous athlete, CEO, great chef or esteemed writer?
Lee sweetheart if you are reading this post skip to the next question, CEO nope the idea of all those boring corperate affairs where you would be expected to be the trophy girlfriend smiling on his arm is a huge turn off, chef well I am a quite good cook and like my kitchen my way so that a no, esteemed writer could a relationship work with two nervous wrecks awaiting rejection letters?  Sod it we all know I am shallow I would take the athlete any time those rock hard abs, and bulging muscles not to mention the stamina now if I could get an athletes body with a writers brain, Johnny Depps eyes well then Lee might just have a reason to get worries, but I think we can say he is safe.


What song evokes the strongest memories?
There are three for totally different reasons, Duran Duran’s Ordinary World as it brings back memories of finally seeing them in concert last year, Cyndi Lauper’s Time after time was the first song I ever danced to with him more years ago than either of us care to admit to, and the final one is The Cars Drive I challenge anyone who was a teenager in the 80’s to hear that song and not think about the Live aid clips that were shown with it.


Is pornography harmful or harmless?

Neither and both! There would be nothing wrong with consenting adults watching consenting adults the problem is how can you be sure that they are really consenting?  In many cases can you even be sure they are adults? And if you are in a relationship how your partner feels about it is also to be considered just because it doesn’t bother them at one time doesn’t mean it will always be that way when I was pregnant I hated Lee even looking at women on tv because I was the size of a double decker bus with our son.  I do think it can give unreal expectations for young guys like thinking all women are double jointed and can contort their bodies into some strange positions and that everyone likes the same things although with the internet am guessing that that bit has changed quite a lot.  Like many things it is all about what you watch and why, in moderation as a consenting adult watching consenting adults I dont see a problem.


Flights of Fancy · Tuesday Reflections

Editing effects

I took this picture last winter and am just posting in response to the similar pic that LyndaMichele posted you can see her pic by clicking on the link.  I loved the effect I got totally by accident and pressing the wrong button.  If anyone feels inspired by the pic feel free to use it Image

Flights of Fancy · Tuesday Reflections


As I mentioned in my awards post yesterday my good friend Paul Hodgson from Elegant Equine Images has been giving me some photography tips on capturing live creatures starting with the horse.  Harlequinn is a little over two years old and is a real sweetie.  He can get a little demanding and stamps his feet for apples now when I see him it is quite comical to watch as he will carry on until he is sure he has had all the apples I have about my person.  He also occasionally gets a little how shall we put it ‘overexcited’ when I visit at times on those days I beat a hasty retreat and sit at the other side of the field where he maintains a close eye on what I am up to. So without further ado meet Harlequinn.

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Flights of Fancy · Tuesday Reflections

Bluebell Woods

Well as the sun is shining I really want to get outside as soon as possible.  So I thought quick photo blog for this morning before I don the sunscreen and fry.  These pictures were taken mainly in the woods near me although a couple were from other woods I walk in.  I love bluebells they remind me of childhood.

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Flights of Fancy · Tuesday Reflections


I love sunsets.  The colours, the stillness and tranquility so thought I would share just a few of the ones I have captured here.  Sadly no exotic locations just the woods by my home.  I love the way by playing with the computer you can enhance the light to create something more bold like the first one or just capture the colours like most of the rest.  Ther are times when writing I feel totally inadequate to describe some of the beauties nature provides us with.  I don’t know if others feel this way I simply rely on the reader to have experienced the same things.  To describe a glorious sunset, the sky alight with the myriad of colours, yet I know no two sunsets are the same, each colour composed of a hundred different hues.  At school a teacher once told us when describing something to try to imagine how we would describe it to a blind person.  To use all the senses to create the emotive experience.  So as well as my reading challenge I am setting myself another challenge.  I recently reviewed the Flash fiction anthology Jawbreakers and was interested in the concept of convaying so much in so few word.  So my other challenge for this year will be to randomly pick one of the many images stored on my computer (no suprise to you I think given the number of photos I have posted so far) and create a flash fiction piece around what the image evokes in me.  I am undecided as yet whether to do this randomly or pick a certain day for it but the first one will be up before midnight here sunday, wish me luck.

Flights of Fancy · Tuesday Reflections


So as many of you know I am Pagan in my beliefs that doesn’t stop me enjoying churches as places. The older ones are build with a grandeur met by few modern buildings. From the medieval arched ceilings to the gothic garyoles they as as varied as the people who have worshipped beneath the roofs. So just a few pics of some of the ones I have wandered around