Submissions to Date

I have decided rather than keep uploading new images each time to show submissions that it would be easier to just provide a link to my online tracking spreadsheet


Date Submitted Submission type Submission Title Submitted to SubmissionStatus
1/7/12 Short story Counting down WOCA accpted/edits
3/8/12 Novel Queen Of Ages Luke Bitmead Award @ Legend Press rejected

7 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. I think its awesome that you put your story progress out there for others to see. I too am in the process of sending out submissions for a novel I wrote. I’ve received a number of rejections and am hanging on to hope I’ll get accepted sooner rather than later. Stay strong and don’t lose hope!


    1. mine is back in another round of edits at the minute before I send it out again, as I learn more about writing I recognise my failings more lol


  2. “I recognise my failings” There’s a great deal of positive in your scribblings and openness to. I admire people who say IRMF and think, at the point of recognition, they are developing a new strength. Power to your new strengths :0)


  3. Hi Paula, my name is Robert Ward. I’m an artist and aspiring author. I saw a post with your name that had a very provocative image of an angel, demon or whatever and was taken by how much it related to a piece I wrote for a graphic novel. It was in some material entitled Bad Guys 2 I believe. I’ve included a link to it and was wondering how I could get permission to use the image. Love your posts. Any help greatly appreciated. I would love for you to give your opinion on the piece I’ve written sometime. Many thanks. Robert


    1. I think I found the image via google images and sadly as I have changed computers I can no longer track where I found it to be sure (I do try to keep track if they are not my own pictures just incase) sorry I cannot be of more help there, if you have a FB page for your work please leave a link so I can pop over take a look and give it a like


  4. I’d love to be interviewed on your site, Paula. I am a poet and the flash fiction author of FLASHING MY SHORTS and 200 SHORTS, both books published by All Things That Matter Press and available at My bibliography is a bout 90 pages long, I’ve been writing since nine, published since 15, and still writing daily at 73. I believe you read my Christmas flash “Magic” at Morgen Bailey’s site.

    Salvatore Buttaci


    1. I would love to do an interview/author feature with you, it will be next month before I can really focus to do it, sadly I am in mourning at the minute for my grandma and the funeral is not until next week I am hoping after that I will be able to get myself together and concentrate enough to move forward with everything I have on


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