A – Z Challenge 2015

Yet again I have signed up for the A – Z Challenge but this year I have also given myself the added pressure of a theme…

Places I Dream of Seeing!

Theme Reveal

A is for the Amazon

B is for Belize

C is for Cambodia

D is for Darwin

E is for Egypt

F is for Fuji

G is for Great Barrier Reef

H is for Hobbiton

I is for Iceland

J is for Java

K is for Kenya

L is for Leicester

M is for Machu Picchu

N is for New Orleans

O is for Orlando

P is for Pompeii

Q is for Quebec

R is for Rome

S is for St Petersburgh

T is for Tibet

U is for USA

V is for Venice

W is for Wales

X is for Xi’an

Y is for Yangon

Let me know your thoughts.......

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