7. Sunday · An Old Friend Revisited · Fact Vs Fiction · Sunday Story

An Old Friend Revisited – Part Two

If you missed Part one don’t worry click on the link and pop back after all time travel is what we are all about once more this week… Part One The Doctor stared down at the table in front of him. River watched with concern as he fought to bring his emotions under control, she… Continue reading An Old Friend Revisited – Part Two

Tasty Tuesday · Tuesday Reflections

Tasty Tuesday – Sausage One Pot Roast

Another one of those really easy dishes that don’t really require much in the way of preparation and save on the washing up, here’s what you need… Okay so basically you need pork sausages, potates, carrots, parsnips, onions or shallots, garlic,apples and any other veg you personally want to include plus a bunch of Thyme.… Continue reading Tasty Tuesday – Sausage One Pot Roast

Tasty Tuesday · Tuesday Reflections

Creamy Veg Soup

Well as promised we have a little trip into my kitchen today.  Now let me be quite clear if you are expecting Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey you are going to be sadly mistaken, its just me and my assistant the monster cooking food we love. So here we go… First select your vegetables, I… Continue reading Creamy Veg Soup