#JustStrong New Me

Becoming a #JustStrong Ambassador

We all know when you have any sort of social media that once you reach a certain level you get offers for partnerships. Most of them actually want you to pay them to work with them and claim they will promote you. This was different. I had seen these clothes advertised a few times and had thought about ordering the I would forget about it. About ten days ago I saw a post on Instagram and took another look, I needed a new crop top/sports bra, and they offered a discount for their ambassadors so I thought let’s apply.

I was thrilled the accepted me and I sent my order in which arrived about five days later. I am going to apologise for these photos feel free to close your eyes and scroll but I think it only fair to be totally transparent about this journey. So here we are at the beginning, I can only hope that in a few weeks I will be posting better photos.

I did try to make the photos smaller but I can’t work out how to do it lol. The top was in the plus size section (no surprise there) but I was happy to see that most of the plus size clothing was the same as the normal ones. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to see pretty things and not have them available or at the least something similar. It is well made and really comfortable, the straps don’t dig in and although it would probably not be the best for high impact exercise it will be perfect for the gentle exercise I need to do to get started.

The down side is it does roll up slightly under the boobs, and as you can see it rolls a little at the back because of my fat rolls. This is not the tops fault just a reality of my body at the minute. There are pads in the top to reduce the chances of nipple sightings but to be honest the material is thick enough and soft enough not to really worry about it. I did climb on the scales this morning and to be honest I have put on weight since I last got weighed. my weight have fluctuated over the last year around the 20st mark and at the minute I am on the wrong side of it. I did debate not talking about that but maybe this will work like a weigh in at a club and help me be accountable even if it is only to myself. If you want to order for yourself then use my discount code PAUACT110 at https://juststrong.com/

On the writing front I have finished and submitted a short story (fingers crossed Eleanor likes it) and I am writing more often and getting more done. I haven’t reached my goal of writing every day or the total word count I want for each week but I am heading in the right direction. The plan there is to aim each week to have written more than the week previous until I am over my 12k word goal. Last week the total was 3138, and the week before 2705, making the month so far 5783. I know that doesn’t seem a lot but given the rut I have been in, trust me it is a have step forward.

That’s it for this week, I dont intend to post about weight every week but I will keep you informed and up to date, after all I only have 12 months to fit into a fabulous ballgown for #FFB24.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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