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Since We Last Spoke…

I did a thing! Well more I went to a thing!

I was a signing author at #FFB23 Fiction, Fans & Ballgowns in Liverpool at St George’s Hall. I got to see some of my favourite people in the world, make new some new friends and meet some people who I had only ever interacted with via FB previously. I also got something money can’t buy and that was the passion to push on with my writing.

There were a couple of authors who had queues that lasted all day, was a jealous, maybe a little but more that that it was a reminder that with hard work I know I could have that. Now that isn’t bragging, honestly, but I know from the feedback I get on my writing that the quality isn’t the problem. It is me! Or more correctly it is the fact I let things drift, wasn’t consistent and just haven’t released anything new in forever. Last week I wrote over 2,500 words which isn’t a lot but it is a lot more than I have written in ages. This morning I wrote over 600 already. I got a new planner which I spent the weekend organising and am ready to push myself.

I also went to visit Preeya in her new home…

She is happy, healthy, and seems to be well settled. I like to think she was happy to see me but it could just be she wanted to see what I had brought her. She performed her trick of bowing much to the delight of several young girls all of whom have promised to say hello to her when they visit. I have a feeling she might just end up being a favourite up there by the time she is old enough to be ridden.

The only negative since we last spoke was the evening event at Liverpool, no don’t get me wrong I had a blast and from some angles I felt I looked good but there is always that one photo that makes you realise that reality is not always your friend. I wasn’t even sure about sharing this photo but it is out there in the world in fact you can see lots of the fabulous outfits here http://gallery.liverpoolselfiemirror.co.uk/u/LiverpoolSelfieMirror/Fiction-Fans-Ballgowns

What I can say is that by next year I have no intention of looking like I am about to give birth to triplets, now the Easter eggs have been finished I am going to focus on healthier eating. I will leave you with a picture I do like from the evening I just wish my phone took better quality pictures.

One thought on “Since We Last Spoke…

  1. We are who we are and head shots are the only things people see. I’m a very big girl, but that’s who I am and have learnt people love you for who you are, whatever. So don’t worry about that photo. Love the dress and pleased you had such a good time.


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