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WIP Wednesday Week One 2023

This year I am determined to be more productive, Monday before doing anything else I set up my writing tracker for this year. It is a great tool and one I have sadly underutilised the last couple of years. I had written more but I have cut some parts until I go back through them and make sure they fit with where I want this series to go eventually.

Each week I will be updating you on how the projects are going, some as you can see are titled however others remain secret until it is time for them to be revealed as they may involve other people or be part of anthologies. I would love to write a million words this year but I am being more realistic and aiming for 600k, that works out at 50k a month and should mean I get at least four books out this year along with other projects.

This is the start point so wish me luck and see you back here next week for the next update.

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