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Yet Another Year Begins!

This year is starting today for me, one because it is a Monday but also because yesterday we sadly lost my son’s great grandma. It was a peaceful passing after a long life well lived, it was expected and though losing people hurts sometimes we can see the blessing of release it also brings.

Despite this I am determined to start the year with positivity, I have a lot planned for this year and hope to build not only this platform back up but also across all my platforms. I intend to get a lot more books out this year including finishing off the ones I have in the works. I have had a bad habit of starting a project getting to a point where its going well then letting life derail me.

First on the agenda is to get this one out…

On Wednesday when I do my writing post it might look like I am further behind than I am but that is die to some changes I made that has me doing some weird editing at the same time. I want this book out and in my hand before the signing in Liverpool in March so I need to make myself focus. Less getting distracted by YouTube videos and games on my phone, they will get played on during evenings, while I watch my favourites LawTuber’s, and catch up on some Netflix series I want to see.

The plan is three blogs per week, Monday will be a general discussion of the week ahead, Wednesday will be talking about my writing, and Friday I really want to do the Friends On Friday posts I intended doing before. Saturday there will be a vlog of the weeks events, discussions of upcoming signings and general life stuff. Sunday there will be the podcast Coffee & Dark Reads where I will discuss all sorts book related and hopefully get some friends involved too once I fix my technical issues trying to get my microphone to work on Zoom.

I will see you all back here next Monday to see how I did at getting back on track x

Let me know your thoughts.......

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