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Reading Through Covid!

Hands up confession that I have struggled to read anything in the last week. The day after my last post I woke up feeling like crap, head hurt, throat hurt and was coughing and sniffing. did the test and yup the dreaded twin lines. Next couple of days I slept, I don’t even remember Wednesday even though my daughter brought up my mothers day present and dropped it on the doorstep. Thursday I did manage to read a little, and finished reading Bourbon & Bullets, I know I am biased because I am in it but it was really good!

I actually received an email asking where the story of my two main characters can be found and…

The story I fell in love with is Bourbon and Bullets. Loveeeee! Thank you. Nena.Texas. USA.

I have to admit even through my Covid fog I got really excited about this and the request where she could find the full story. It has made me more determined than ever to have the story ready to go when I get my rights back to not lose momentum. If you want to have a read it is on KU or is available to buy here.

This is the blurb from this book…

I’m Dani, not Sophie. I’m a social media influencer, not a high school teacher. I’m from glamorous California, not rural Oklahoma. And I date available men, not my sister’s off-limits boss.

Even though we’re twins, we couldn’t be more different. I’m the wild child and Sophie’s far too responsible for her own good. I guess that’s why we’ve grown apart over the years. So imagine my surprise when she asks me to take her place while she plays hooky from work to travel abroad. I agree, knowing the swap has risks but never expecting my heart to be one of them.

What started as a favor soon becomes a scandal in the making. If she finds out how much I’m flirting with her off-limits boss—a man she hates—she’ll kill me. I can’t tell him who I really am, or he’ll definitely have to fire her. But if I don’t come clean, I’ll lose the only man I’ve ever truly wanted.

After I finished the anthology this was the other book I read. It was a quick, fun easy read, thank fully required very little though as my brain is out of order still. It would make the perfect beach read and is a different take the life of the ‘social media influencer’. The idea that all those freebies come with conditions is something I think a lot of people miss. If you want to read it you can find it here.

Hopefully by next week I will be feeling a lot more human and have more books to tell you about.

One thought on “Reading Through Covid!

  1. It’s so exciting to receive positive feedback from fans! Very cool. The Twinfluence book does look like a fun read. So sorry to hear Covid got you. I’m pretty sure I had it in the very early days (before the pandemic) back in December of 2019, and it was no fun!! Take care of yourself.


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