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This Time Last Week!

This is where I was this time last week, lined up with other authors towards the end of the Shenanigans signing in Telford. It was held at Haughton Hall, a place which looked very impressive from the outside but could do with a little TLC in some areas in the bedrooms. I put this down to the fact like other hotels and spa retreat places the pandemic and enforced closure has had in the upkeep of buildings with loss of income. Don’t get me wrong the place was clean and tidy it was just the little finishing touches.

Of course, the reason for being there was the signing and I loved it. I confess it took me a while to get in the mood, I think I was scared of getting the rug pulled out from under me again, especially with an author friend having to pull out just two days before due to covid.

I actually look terrible in all the photos at this event but I wanted to share this because it will probably be the last outing for this banner as I want one making with my logo on, though I do need to think of a tagline still yet.

We sold and signed books, had food and drink and had a lot of laughs, I am home inspired to kick myself up the backside before the summer and my next signing so I am going off the write now. I have extra days off this week not because I want them but my autistic teenager tested positive for Covid last night, all I can think is thank the stars it wasn’t last week.

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