Fact Vs Fiction

Reading This Week!!!

I finally finished Romance Under Aquarius, I gave it a five star review on Amazon and I have to say it certainly spiced up towards the end. I am currently reading an anthology and listening to an audiobook, let’s talk about the audio first…

This audiobook is making me laugh as I listen and a few people on the local bus may be starting to think I have lost the plot. it is a narrative of her life though I am sceptical about how far back she claims to remember lol she discusses her childhood with humour and she was certainly a very precocious child. I have not listened to the whole thing yet so I have no doubt I will tell you more next week.

The book I am now reading is one I am included in…

I am the first story in this anthology and I confess I read parts of my own story and I was shocked how good it read. It is hard sometimes for us to blow our own horns but this one I should certainly blow. My main reason for reading it is of course to read the story my amazing fellow authors have created, if you want to support us you can find the book here, I am now onto the second story and it is a modern take on a mafia Romeo & Juliet story that I am enjoying.

I tried my best to resist buying any books at the signing I attended this weekend but I have downloaded a couple of books on Kindle Unlimited I will be reading.

Just as an extra I have been watching Life After Death With Tyler Henry on Netflix and it has been fascinating, not just for the psychic reveals but also the journey into his own family history. It is definitely worth a watch.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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