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I never seem to keep up with book reviews on here so instead I am going to just talk about a current read and then do the reviews straight to kindle/Goodreads as I finish them. I am currently at 38% and I am really enjoying it.

So first the blurb…

Romance under Aquarius is book 1# of the Stargazing series, a 12-book series of standalones.

What would you do for your dying brother?
Would you travel the world and swim to the deepest depths?
If I told you Greek mythology speaks of a water healer under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, would you consider going after it?

What would you do if you found out your fiancé was cheating on you?
Would you fight your father’s decision to have you marry him?
If I told you your opinion wouldn’t change a thing, would you fight to be heard or maybe run away?

What would you do if the only person you loved was intended for your best friend?
Would you sacrifice your own happiness for theirs?
If I told you your future following others’ rules would make you miserable, would you step in line?

What would you do if you found out you could be king but you’d have to marry someone you didn’t love?
Would you try to make it work?
If I told you the princess is destined for more than you can offer, would you help her?

I am going to start this off by saying something that might come across as strange but although I am enjoying the book I don’t like any of the main characters at the minute. They are all well written and the plot is captivating but at the minute each of the characters is quite self-centred and each has their own dubious reasons for getting involved in this plot. At this point their is plenty of time for one or more of them to redeem themselves and the way the story is developing may allow for that.

At the minute I would say that this book would be good for YA or New Adult, if you are looking for steamy then this is not for you, it is more of a fade to black but does allude to sex and other adult content but not overly. There is enough in there for it to be a good read for adults but as I say if you are looking for mermaid porn you won’t find it here.

The book is available in Kindle Unlimited and you can find it here. Should you wish to learn more about the author Danielle Jacks you can find her on Facebook here.

I haven’t read as much as normal this week as I have been busy writing but I will tell you about that on Wednesday.

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