It’s November 1st! That can only mean one thing…Here we go again!

Yes, its Nano time again and this year I am determined to finally beat it. I have a short story to finish then my first romance novel Rosie which has been stalled over the last few months and I had been hoping to release today. Instead plan B write like a lunatic this month, cover release when I hit 70k in the document (not Nano obviously), set a pre-order date for just before Christmas when I finish the first draft then edit like a lunatic.

Can I do it? The answer is yes, should I attempt to do it probably not but I have been stuck in this rut so long and I will be damned if another year finishes without at least one release. Going forward I intend to release between three and four books a year, a lot of this year has been about working out how to make myself more productive and I am finally getting there. Last week I got back on track with scheduling social media posts, I also got some writing done, and some housework. These things are not a big deal for some but for me they honest are at the minute.

I am breaking down everything into 30 minute section, then breaking that up with twenty minute breaks. The breaks are needed for my physical health more than my mental, if I am sat at my desk in that twenty minutes I need to get up an move about. The same is true in the other direction if I have been doing housework for half an hour I need to sit down and relax before switching to the next task even if that one involves sitting down.

My plan for Nano is to fit in four 30 minute writing slots per day each aimed at just 500 words. It is an amount I can easily type in that time (I am not as quick as I used to be lol) but also by the time I sit down I should have had time to decide where the story is going next. Right now in my short story a woman is tied up in someone’s cellar, for her, at this moment things actually can’t get any worse (I am not allowed to have really bad things happen to her while she is there or they would lol) but she is shortly going to be given hope.

And really when it comes to Nano, that it what it gives us. Hope we can write that novel, hope we will write everyday and hope that even if we don’t we will find a way to get back in the saddle after falling off.

Will I ‘win’ at Nano this year? Yes! Because even if I don’t write 50k in 30 days, all it takes is to write more than the 5k I have written in the last 30 days to be a winner.

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