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Weekly Round-Up – Saturday 31st 2020

Before we start,,,

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With that out of the way, lets see how the week has gone…


This week I have been binge listening to Best Case Worst Case, this is a different true crime programme where the actual professionals involved talk about the best and worst cases they have been part of., now I have to be honest one of the hosts Jim Clemente can get a little annoying and preachy sometimes. He is a former prosecutor and FBI agent, so while he has the most amazing credentials and stories, sometimes he can come across as a little naïve as to the fact that not everyone does everything by the book, he gets very defensive at any suggestion that anyone from the FBI particular might have dropped the ball., but overall the stories make it worth listening to, you can find more here.       


Strange one this week but I actually found myself listening to an album by a wrestler.

I really didn’t expect to like this, first I am not a fan of the character, but when they said you could listen on Spotify premium which I have then I thought why not, one of my favourites as his version of Amazing Grace but done to the tune of the Animals song House of The Rising Sun, if you don’t have Spotify you can find it on I-Tunes or the album is on Youtube.


I have not done a lo of reading this week so I am still reading the same book, however I will mention a book I need to order called The Necroscope by Brian Lumley, if you love weird horror then you should check this out. We had to move my book collection last weekend for some work being done in the house and my son was helping me, he is 12 and just getting into the horror genre, but he found several books from this series and asked if he can read it, I said yes but then remembered I lent the first book to someone who never returned it so he will have to wait until book one arrives.

Watching – TV

This week on TV I have to confess being late to the party but my son has got me hooked on Gogglebox. It is something he started watching on the weekend he sleeps at hid grandma’s house, and it really didn’t appeal to me when he tried to explain it to me but after watching it with him a couple of times I have got hooked myself,

I think part of the reason that this is such a big hit is not only is it a peek into someone else’s home but also it is like having conversations with a friend about shows you have also watched, especially right now when getting together with friends is not allowed.

Watching – Film

I confess I have not watched a film this week unless you count Harry Potter film’s which i have on in the background as a constant white noise at the minute, but let’s face it you can’t beat a bit of magic especially when today is Halloween but rather than a clip from that I am going to share a clip from a classic horror film that I have been introducing my son to in book form.

Watching – Netflix

I love playing with my make up but I don’t have the skills to do the sort of things these people do, let alone the patience, i do however, enjoy watching people with more skills than me create art on skin, the types of things 

If you don’t have Netflix there are two series of this on I-Player.

I apologise for how late in the day I am publishing this, I thought I had hit the button but I got distracted, back with this next week…

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