Fact Vs Fiction

And The Winner is……

I am so honoured and blown away by this

Karen J. Mossman

For the last two weeks I’ve been reviewing all the stories in the Love Ever After Anthology.

I decided after I had read them that I would choose my favourite and present the author with this trophy, and offer them a feature on here to showcase themselves and their books and they also get to choose any one of my books as a gift from me.

It did prove difficult because I truly loved all the stories, they were such high quality. Eventually, I was able to narrow it down.

First Contact by Paula Acton
Them by T. S. Author
The Forbidden Fae by Stacey McWillians
Fighter by Danielle Young.

First Contact started out so normal, then took a turn. I watched many Netflix series on this theme and they’ve always been one of my favourites. Once I realised what was going on, my heart raced as fear set in…

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