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Love Ever After, Them by T. S. Arthur

I was blown away by this story i didn’t see it coming either but it was an amazing read

Karen J. Mossman

This is second story in the Love Ever After anthology. I will be reviewing all twelve of them.


Reunite with your soulmate on a ranch in Colorado; escape certain death with the love of your life in Yugoslavia; toast marshmallows by the light of the setting sun whilst you find the strength to carry on; or search for your lost love as the smell of fish and chips dances on the sea breeze. Something for everyone, each of these stories tells of love in all its form.A collection of short stories from authors you know and love.

Karen’s Magic Review

After a fireworks of a start, I expected the next story to get back to normal with a typically enjoyable romance. I was wrong. This was anything but typical.

Instead, the same thing happened again, it starts our normal and then there is an incredible twist. Marnie is on…

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