Fact Vs Fiction

Day For Resolutions

Every year I make a dozen or so resolutions, if I am lucky I might keep one of two for most of the year.

Last year was a disaster in some ways, but a success in others, I met someone care about very much, I did a few signings including visiting new places, and of course I met new friends. But my writing stagnated, half finished projects abound on my computer and for the second half of the year I struggled mentally and physically.

This year I am still making resolutions but they are taking a different form.

This year I am starting afresh, beginning a new decade with the into making changes not just for a year but to gain the life I want.

This will be the year where I step up both my writing and marketing, I am setting up Raven’s Rest Press, this will give me an option for creating special edition books and hardback of certain books.

I will be completing the Queen of Ages Trilogy and hopefully there will be more news regarding the tie in game that a friend has conceived and I am working on.

There will be more anthology contributions alongside the books, and I will get better organised to stay on top of the blog, and the websites.

This is the year I want to get my Patreon set up.and running properly, I want to reach a point where my writing at least pays for itself and preferably pays the bills also.

I am signed up to UK signings  through 2020, 2021, and 2022, my dream is to work towards US signings in 2023, and to tie those in with visiting friends over there.

The usual one of losing weight of course is added into the mix this year I have a specific target and incentive.

Ruby came into.my life about seven weeks ago, at a time where I was mentally exhausted, I was struggling to keep the brave face on and tired and in pain. Exercising the demented spaniel is easy you walk to the field andd he runs round like a lunatic, but the horse requires you to give your time and to do exercise without it feeling like a workout.

She is my therapy,  she calms me, I am learning new skills, learning about subjects that I never considered before, and these do actually feed into my writing. Previously I wrote describing a journey of several days riding without considering so many factors, now I gaining a better knowledge of the realities of the equine world. I also learnt to make the map first.

The fact is that before I can even think about riding her I need to lose weight. Of course there is no guarantee I will be able to even then but I will be able to make that decision knowing I tried my best.

This year I am taking control of my destiny and focussing on what I want from my life.

Let me know your thoughts.......

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