Fact Vs Fiction

Three For One

I have been a little lax actually putting together the last three post, they have all sat in various stages of readiness so today you get them all…



So, I have decided to bring back so it’s Saturday, but in this new year, it will be a round up of some of the things I have been enjoying the previous week that you might want to check out for yourselves, these will be divided up into categories…


This week I found and binge listened to a new podcast called Unobscured/History Revealed which is all about the Salem witch trials. I loved this because it looks at the whole event from beginning to end and analyses both court documents from the time as well as other texts available. It looks in depth not only into the what was happening but also the how, and why and even though I had a reasonable knowledge of the trials I also found information which I had believed that was incorrect. I really recommend this one.


I don’t really listen to a lot of music but as part of my new year lans I decided I needed to start bringing things back into my life. This week I have listed to a couple of the 80’s and 90’s playlists on Prime Music however there are plenty of different sites out there to find the songs on, these decades are the ones where I went on girls holidays, went to nightclubs and danced around the living room doing the house work so they are the feel good songs for me. As one of my resloutions is to lose weight and to actually use my cross trainer more I will be listening to more music as I find as much as I love podcasts and audiobooks they just don’t have the same effect getting you going, so one track from the playlist I am listening to right now is….


I am currently reading Afterlife (Afterlife Saga #1) by Stephanie Hudson, now obviously I cannot give away too much about the book, because if I do, what would be the point in reviewing it when I finish it, but I will say, so far I am enjoying it. One interesting marketing point on this one was that I met the author at an event we were both signing at and she had booklets printed with what I assumed was the first chapter fro the book, now it did actually turn out to be an excerpt which did confuse me a little, I almost put the book down because I thought I had the wrong one but it certainly is a marketing ploy to consider possibly.

Watching – TV

This week I caught up on the last few Who Do You Think You Are from the last series, the one that I found most profound was the Ruby Wax one. It really was a heartwrenching journey she went on discovering her families past, dealing with deaths in concentration camps and mental illness seemingly inherited from one generation to the next. I know that the research is all done for the celebrities and most of us will never get quite the same levels of information if we do our own searches but the idea of knowing the lives those who go before endure to give you the advantages you have today are fascinating. Even when things seem hard in your life, looking at where your faily came from can often make you realise that we have a lot to be thankful for.

Watching – Film

This week we have not seen any new films however, I did settle down with my son the other evening and watch Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. We had intended to try fitting in a trip to the cinema to watch the sequel over Christmas but we didn’t get there unfortunately but as with the music mentioned earlier I am determined to catch up on some films I have missed this year and get back into the habit of family viewing.

Watching – Netflix

My Netflix viewing this week has been an old favourite, the BBC version of Pride & Predjudice. although there are quite a few things I want to watch it was revisiting Love Actually over Christmas that inspired this rewatch, and one man in particular.

I promise by next week I will have watched something new, or at least new to me.


Let me know your thoughts.......

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